Thu shares her experiences of travelling, during and after her studies

Thu shares her experiences of travelling, during and after her studies

What I learnt from travelling/how it has shaped me as a person

  • Planning, self-organising, independence, confidence
  • Learning from other people and exploring different cultures
  • Cuisine
  • Open minded, willing to learn, story teller
  • Be humble

Top 5 things about travelling

  • Learning new things
  • Exploring new places and cultures
  • Meeting new people
  • Collecting stories during the trips to build up good memories
  • Discovering myself and opening my view to the world: going out of my comfort zone and my own world, so that I can see the whole sky (the bigger picture)

My tips for international students going travelling

Save money and start with some small trips first, as a backpacker. One day when you look back, you will recall the joy and awesome experience, especially when you have more money to conduct some fancy trips. The travel experience as a student with a limited budget will give you the best memories.

Public transportation and hostels are good friends for students. Staying at hostels is a wonderful experience as you will have a chance to make more friends and learn more about other cultures. You don’t need fancy trips. Plan the budget and itinerary carefully. Ask friends to join as travel buddies (however, selecting the partners is not easy. You need to choose friends who have a similar lifestyle and travelling interests as you).

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