Poppy Spowage’s Queen Mary University London Profile

Poppy Spowage’s Queen Mary University London Profile

Inspirational Staff

The staff at Queen Mary really made me see what was possible working in academia – in a way that was beyond sitting in an ivory tower doing your work – I learnt how research can support practice and vice versa. I continued my relationships with many of my professors in different ways professionally. Working with people like Paul Heritage, Jen Harvie, Caoimhe McAvinchey, Bridget Escolme, Michael McKinnie and Martin Welton – there’s not one person I could think of that didn’t encourage me in some way.

In my opinion drama at Queen Mary is extremely forward thinking. There is so much going on inside and outside of the department to get involved with and its really pushing the wider impact of academic work around London and the world. Having a rigorous but eclectic mix of courses – considering performance alongside subjects such as gender studies and philosophy – my relationships with peers and scholars, still feeds into my work today and I would strongly recommend looking at what they do.

My top 3 for Queen Mary

  1. The subject and course itself gave me a broad, eclectic and rigorous entry point into performance and academia.
  2. The academic freedom that I got there: I really enjoyed being able to take my research in the direction I wanted, and that this was encouraged. I was given the space and support to follow my interests, like going to India ahead of my dissertation. I was able to push the boundaries of what was expected, which I believe was a consequence of the openness of that department.
  3. My academic relationships. That has been really important to me moving my career forward, both in terms of my masters, starting a PhD and all the work I have been involved with.

Top 3 for London as a study location

  1. When you’re based in London, you are obviously exposed to some of the best cultural experiences in the world. The course encouraged you go to the theatre every week and you can’t beat that if you love performance
  2. The amazing cultural institutions and art galleries. Queen Mary was so close to Whitechapel Gallery, one of the most radical contemporary spaces around that present cutting-edge art and
  3. The diversity. London is the most diverse city I’ve ever been to, it has been extremely important to me in all my life and work. It was a huge privilege to live in London.