Ligia’s study abroad experience in Australia

Ligia’s study abroad experience in Australia

Starting a new life in Australia

Ligia moved to Australia when she was 23, and her boyfriend moved there with her. I was curious about how that came about.

“Everything has been challenging since coming to study and work in Australia. But at the same time, I was able to manage very well. It was very much down to him that I made this decision. We were dating back in Brazil and have been together since 2010, so he was one of the biggest reasons that actually pushed me to go outside my boundaries and say, ‘hey, you can do it. Let’s do it together’ and so we came to Australia together. We experienced one of the biggest things in our lives simultaneously: different culture, different city, different people and living together with my partner at the same time and ever since. When he first came, he did a diploma in film at Sydney Film School for a year – the whole of 2015. After that, when I started my MBA, he was able to work full time.”

Ligia and her husband are still living in Sydney. They’re renting a house, working and living an established life, reaping the rewards for the hard work they have put in.

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Want to study abroad in Australia? 

“My advice is to just go for it if it’s something that you want to do. Be aware though because it requires a lot of dedication. It’s not easy. A lot of people think that you come to Australia and it’s just a party, and beach holidays. Of course, there is that side of the Australian culture, but everyone is a hard worker and especially if want to do a Masters or a degree. My course was not easy, there were exams and assessments with strict deadlines. If you are an international student, it’s even harder to adjust to studying abroad in Australia with the added language and cultural barriers.”

me and augusto in australia
Me and Augusto

Being away from home

Being away from home isn’t easy. So I wanted to ask Ligia how studying overseas in Australia has impacted her home life. The geographical separation from her family, and especially her brother.

“This is a very hard topic for me to talk about because obviously, I miss them a lot. It’s one of my biggest difficulties because I think about them every day. We talk a lot of course and thank god for the technology that lets us talk in real-time because I feel like that actually reduces the distance a bit. They have been here twice to see me, overcoming all the travel challenges regarding my brother’s situation, and they are planning the third visit. I have returned to Brazil twice as well, so we manage to see each other regularly and they are very supportive of what I’ve chosen to do.”

Ligia has achieved an enormous amount, and I hope to stay in contact with her. When we signed off our interview, I had a powerful sense of admiration for her courage, intelligence and determination. Her decision to study abroad in Australia has brought her happiness and a great quality of life that she fully deserves – she’s earnt it.

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