Ligia’s MBA in Australia – Western Sydney University

Ligia’s MBA in Australia – Western Sydney University
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The Western Sydney MBA internships

This was the real selling point for me. Western Sydney University offers business internships to MBA students. So I could choose to complete a project that ran for the last six months of the two-year course, giving me the opportunity to work for a real company. I saw this as a good opportunity and it was something that was different from the other universities I had looked at, for sure. It became one of the biggest factors in swaying my decision.

Before going to university, I wasn’t working in my field. I didn’t have a business-related job at all, I was working as a waitress. So when Isis told me about the internship, and that I would have the opportunity to work for a big multinational company here in Sydney, that really opened my eyes. It gave me a sense of security. I felt that while studying for my MBA in Australia I could also gain skills that would almost guarantee me a job after finishing the course. For an international student, that was especially important. This was available for everyone that had shown they were a good student.

Finding work in Australia

My top moment was getting a job in marketing when I was in the second quarter of university. This was challenging because I was working in marketing three days a week, going to uni for the other two and waitressing in a Brazilian restaurant at the weekend. Everything together was very challenging, but it was a very good challenge for me – and a good experience.

Overcoming academic challenges

I had some challenges at school with mathematical subjects like economics and finance, so I was worried that my MBA in Australia would be the same. But at Western Sydney, it was different because although I found it challenging, I liked it very much. The teaching was interesting and I was learning things for the workplace – so I could apply what I was being taught in class directly to my job.

When I learned the basics of economics and some other maths-based subjects at college, I didn’t know how I was going to use it. But when I was doing my MBA in Australia, I knew exactly what the academics were talking about because I was learning about things that I was doing at work. It was practical and it gave me the feeling that I could use my studies in my professional life – which was going to be very helpful.

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