Janice’s degree in Business and Hotel Management in Australia

Janice’s degree in Business and Hotel Management in Australia

English help

“Griffith University offers a service called ‘English Help’, which you can book on a weekly basis. There are tutors to help with anything related to English, like correcting grammar mistakes for your assignment or helping to prepare an English presentation. For Business and Hotel Management, there are lots of assignments to do every semester. So I would make sure I booked ‘English Help’ every single week. Whenever I wrote 500 words, I would take it to the tutors there and they would see if I was on the right track or not. The service is free and it’s open for all the international students. Due to this service, I could always get really good scores for my written assessments.”

Life at Griffith University

“I don’t usually do sports but I went to the gym at university. There were good facilities and the staff were always very friendly to me. I also really liked the orientation week because they helped international students like me to engage with the other students. The entire week was very well organised, and I personally felt very welcome right away.

“In the orientation week, you could choose to join clubs. I joined the Chinese Association and the Griffith Mates Association. It is the largest association at Griffith University and helps international students to engage with the rest of the students. The association has at least a hundred members from at least 30 to 40 countries, so everybody speaks different languages. When I joined there were only four or five Chinese speakers on the Gold Coast Campus. This was great at improving my English skills because I wasn’t speaking Chinese that much.

“Griffith University also gave me some paid work, probably three hours a week. That involved things like doing presentations to international students and showing them around campus. The pay was really good and I was also getting some work virtually every week. Even after I graduated, the professor wanted me to do the campus tours because he knew I was really proud of this University.

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