An international student in Australia: Sahil’s journey to Melbourne

An international student in Australia: Sahil’s journey to Melbourne

My Role with UniLodge – Residential Life Manager

“As the Residential Life Manager, my role includes organising monthly, event calendars for the Community Spirit Program. I manage this program for four Unilodge Portfolios. College Square on Lygon, College Square on Swanston, UniLodge@550 and UniLodge @Cobden, with roughly around 1800 residents. The program focuses on optimising the residents’ academic and social experiences, whilst living in our accommodation. This gives them the feel of home, a sense of belonging and helps them to feel a part of the community.

“I manage the monthly and yearly event budget and plan a range of activities and cultural events, both external and in-house. My role includes monthly reporting on the Community Spirit Program, as well as managing our social media pages, app and event marketing.

I manage and train a team of 20-30 volunteers that report to me on a day to day basis. I also manage the residents’ pastoral care, offering a supportive and safe environment.

Why I love studying in Melbourne


Melbourne is diverse, so it’s great to be an international student in Australia. The food, the friendship, the culture – every bit has a special corner in my heart.


I moved to Australia at a very young age, with no friends and family. Over the years I developed relationships and am blessed to have some awesome people in my life, who make me feel at home in Melbourne.


I am a fussy vegetarian, but I am glad that in Melbourne I can try different cuisines and dishes, without travelling the world.


I can truly say that friends are where my heart is and my friends have always been around me – in all the difficult times and whenever I need them. Friendship is a relationship that you build and soon those friends become like family, in no time.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering made all the difference to my life, whilst studying, to help find a job in Australia. The most important aspect of my student life was being able to volunteer. VU and Melbourne had great volunteering opportunities to develop leadership, enthusiasm, great networks and friendships and to give back to the community. Looking back, I have one Bachelor’s degree, a number of Volunteering certificates and lots of unforgettable memories.

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