An international student in Australia: Sahil’s journey to Melbourne

An international student in Australia: Sahil’s journey to Melbourne

Part-time work while studying

“I worked at McDonald’s while I studied at VU. This gave me a lot of experience and although it might seem like a simple part-time job, it taught me the importance of working hard. I enjoyed earning my own money and appreciated the customer service industry more. It also improved my communication skills by dealing with customers face to face and working in a team. I developed the self-confidence to take on more responsibility and work independently during peak times.”

My achievements at VU

Apart from overcoming the initial culture shock and graduating at the end of the course, I achieved some other things, which I am very proud of.

2016: Nominated as the International Student of the Year (Undergraduate) by the State Government of Victoria.

2015: Nominated the Most Active Student of the Year by the Council of International Students Association.

2014: Creative Thinking Award (International Student Association at Victoria University).

2013: Student of The Year (Victoria University).

Finding my first job after graduation

“As for any freshly-graduated international student without an Australian Residency, getting a full-time job in the IT industry was very challenging. To boost my applications, I developed my CV and cover letter. I also informed my networks that I was looking for a job which was very helpful, and I was persistent and patient too. My current job is as a residential life manager for UniLodge. Although this is not in the field of IT, it is giving me good experience and knowledge into different fields/industries. I know this will open up more opportunities for the future.”

My Top 5 for Victoria University

Volunteering – This formed a huge part of my life at VU and gave back as much as I put in.

Friends – Some of the people I met during my time at VU will be friends for life and are almost like family to me now.

Staff – There were some truly inspirational people at VU who guided and helped and served as role models in lots of ways.

Opportunities – Both during my time at VU and after I left, I accessed great opportunities to develop in career terms and as a person.

Facilities – I chose VU partly because of its campus being so centrally located and the Uni had great facilities for students.

My Top 5 for Melbourne

  1. Diversity
  2. Home
  3. Food
  4. Friends
  5. Volunteering opportunities
Victoria University
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