A future in International Energy Economics – Hermann’s story

A future in International Energy Economics – Hermann’s story

International Energy Economics: building a better future

I wondered if it was easy to change track at such a late hour, and whether Hermann had studied the right subjects.

“There are plenty of opportunities related to the energy sector in Germany. You study all the core subjects right through high school, so it was easy to change direction. In Ulm, we have almost 20,000 students in the combined universities. I’m in the University of Applied Sciences which is famous for computer science. But it also focuses on the energy sector – renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy management and health science.

“I see a lot of potential in the energy sector, especially in Europe. We are trying to reduce our CO2 emissions, focus on renewable energy sources and really change the way we generate electricity. There’s a huge transition happening now and I want to be part of the solution. That’s why I find this such a fascinating field to work in. I think there’s a lot more we can do, but I want to help contribute to a better future. One reason I chose Ulm relates to my sporting activities. I played soccer in my home region at a semi-professional level and it’s not that far away from my club, just 100km. This means that I had the option of studying during the week and driving back home on Friday so I’m there for matches. I went back to university on Sunday evening ready for the week ahead.”

Why Australia?

“It’s actually part of my study programme to go abroad. It represents the ‘international’ component of the degree, along with English studies. We have extensive English studies, with most of the core subjects of my study programme offered in English. There are two memories relating to my semester abroad that are really important. One was my Southeast Asia trip, and the other was my trip to Australia with my friends from Germany. Studying abroad made those experiences possible.

“For the last few weeks of my time in Australia, I went on a trip around Southeast Asia. I went to Bali, Indonesia with two friends for 10 days. After that, one of them went back to Australia and the other flew back home to Japan. I spent three days in Singapore, exploring the beautiful city all by myself. Then I went to Thailand where I met another friend from Australia. We travelled for 10 days in Thailand, covering most of the southern part of the country. Bali, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand are relatively cheap to get to from Australia.”

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