From Germany to Sydney: Why Hermann chose to study business abroad

From Germany to Sydney: Why Hermann chose to study business abroad
Study abroad memories

“I think the two most memorable aspects of my time at Western Sydney University were the Uni Games and the travelling I did when I first arrived. We were chilling by the pool when one group started planning, and then a friend suggested that we just join them. We ended up as a group of 11, hiring two campervans and going on a road trip from Sydney to the Gold Coast and back. I think it was around 10 days in total, along the Pacific Coast Touring Route, stopping at places like Port Stevens, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay.

“That was a really cool experience and I became close to a lot of amazing people. I also used my trip to the region to do some travelling in Asia, which I highly recommend! From my point of view, the Australian education system was easier for me compared to the German one. I got good grades by the end of the semester which is important for my degree in Germany, along with English studies which, of course, it was really useful for.

My Top 3 for Western Sydney University

  1. The free breakfasts: everyone loves free food, but it was a great social forum for meeting people from all over the world.
  2. The Uni Games: we got to the final of the futsal tournament, and it was close (5 – 3) but I think we could have won it!
  3. The accommodation: living in the students’ dormitory where I met so many cool new people. We did so much stuff together, and I call them my friends. I literally now have friends all over the world.

My top 4 for Sydney as a study destination

  1. Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay: the opera house is really beautiful and so is the area, Circular Quay. In addition to the Opera House, you can see Harbour Bridge and the skyline of the city and can also take a ferry to other places nearby.
  2. The Blue Mountains World Heritage Area: they are pretty close to Western Sydney University, at most a three-hour journey on the express train. It’s an area of natural beauty and a World Heritage Site. You could say it’s a paradise for people who love doing outdoor activities such as hiking.
  3. The beach: even by the end of my semester, it was still 20 degrees in Sydney.
  4. Sydney nightlife: we’d get together in one apartment and play drinking games, talk and listen to music. Afterwards, we used to take the train or bus to Sydney. For clubbing, we went to places like The Ivy or Home Bar (real name: Home the Venue) and there was always a night bus home, even if we stayed out really late.

Find out more about Hermann’s time at WSU and travels to Southeast Asia.

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