From Germany to Sydney: Why Hermann chose to study business abroad

From Germany to Sydney: Why Hermann chose to study business abroad

WSU events and activities

“There was a programme called LEAD at Western Sydney University which supported young leaders. They organise events for young leaders and try to promote leadership skills.

“I participated in that and by the end of the semester, there was a big event called Uni Games. It’s a big sports event and I played for the Western Sydney University futsal team. We had training sessions once a week, and then at the beginning of July, over five days, they hold Uni Games. I competed in the futsal competition, but there was also basketball and volleyball and so on, mainly indoor sports until September when it goes outdoors.

Making myself at home on campus

“I lived at the students’ dormitory which was five minutes away from the South Campus, with the City Campus only a 15-minute walk. The accommodation was really good. It was called Western Sydney University Village and it was literally a small village. We had our own common area with a TV room, a pool table, table tennis, a gym facility, a swimming pool and our own barbecue area! 

“All the international students lived with the Australians so there were people from all over the world, so it was really easy to meet new people. We had barbecues every Wednesday which was really cool. They have a thing called Vegemite which Australian people grow up with. I thought it was just chocolate like Nutella. So I took some bread and then put all this Vegemite on my bread and tried to eat it. It was really disgusting and all the Australian people around me were just laughing. We also had a free breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the university campus. It was lovely and not only because of free food (everybody loves free food, I would say!)

Part-time work and studying abroad

“Australia can be expensive – at least, the living expenses. On a student visa, you’re allowed to work 20 hours during the semester and full time during the semester break. While I study business abroad, I got a job as a bartender at a German restaurant called The Bavarian in Parramatta. A little bit clichéd, I know, but it was actually another really cool opportunity to meet new people, especially local Australians. My colleagues were really nice and I felt welcome from the very beginning. They also liked that I was German, and would ask me about German beer and German food. A lot of the food was authentic, although there were some local variations that we wouldn’t do back home – Canadian and Hawaiian schnitzel for example!

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