How To Be A Better Learner: Checklist


International students already face challenges in the form of homesickness and culture shock. So, it can be difficult for them to develop the study habits they need to succeed in college. Becoming a better learner means adopting good habits, such as keeping to a schedule for studying each day.


Become a better learner: tips

The accompanying checklist details some of the most important tips students should follow for becoming better learners. With these ideas in hand, international college students can overcome the obstacles they face and have a better chance for success.

Special thanks to Fahd Albinali for providing us with this infographic. Fahd Albinali is an Arab-American blogger whose writings focus on the Islamic perspective on moral and social issues that face families in the West. A technologist by training, he works closely with IQRA Network to develop advanced online methods to teach Arabic and Quran.