Top 5 Jobs to Pursue with a Degree in Biology


Graduating with a degree in biology is going to open up a variety of career opportunities for students. If you are someone that loves to learn about living things and enjoys science in general, then take a look at these five amazing jobs ranging from advanced research to hands-on teaching and training.

1. Biological Technician

Becoming a biological technician is one of the most popular career paths for biologists. These specialists have the option to conduct hands-on research in practically any field imaginable. From non-profit organizations to government agencies, they carry out vital research, document data, and then present it as actionable information to their employer.


A degree in biology is an excellent way to begin practically any career imaginable including attorneys, researchers, doctors, conservationists, and more.

2. Environmental Conservationist

It is more important than ever for humans to be proactive when it comes to protecting the planet’s ecosystem, and some of the leaders in this movement are environmental conservationist. These professionals often work alongside politicians, attorneys, non-profit volunteers, and other scientists to come up with tangible ways that the environment can be protected.

3. Education

Teaching the next generation about biology and other life sciences is just as important as carrying out new research. For those that would like to teach at lower levels, an undergraduate degree will generally be enough when combined with teaching credentials. Those that would like to teach at a college will need to transition into a graduate course for biology. The highest teaching positions often require a number of years of active research within that particular field before a candidate will be considered.

4. Attorney

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology, students can then apply to graduate school and enter into the field of law. Attorneys with a strong background in science and biology are incredibly useful for a number of different legal sub-fields such as patent law and intellectual property. They will also have a leg up when it comes to crime scene investigations and forensics as they closely relate to their previous education in life sciences.

5. Healthcare

Depending on a student’s interests, the healthcare industry could be the most lucrative option when it comes to a long-term career path. Many leading doctors, nurses, and researchers begin their training for healthcare with an initial undergraduate degree in biology. Biology majors have a variety of options when it comes to where their day-to-day work including family practice, oncology, emergency responders, and much more.

A degree in biology is an excellent way to begin practically any career imaginable including attorneys, researchers, doctors, conservationists, and more.

Submitted by Lizzie Weakley