What To Study English Language Learning 5 Twitter Accounts to Help You Learn English

5 Twitter Accounts to Help You Learn English

Social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) provides lots of great ways to improve your English effortlessly and on the move. Learning English is difficult, but if you use every resource available to you, you will succeed.

Here are five of the best Twitter accounts for improving your English:

1. @LearnEnglish_BC is a great resource from the British Council.

They create online games for you to practice your English and most of the articles on their website have questions attached so that you can check how good your reading is. Also, you can listen to someone reading the articles to practice your listening.

2. @EnglishTips4U is a brilliant free English learning portal.

They hold regular lessons where you can interact with English speakers and ask them anything you like. They also have competitions to win a free IELTS test, English language course fees, book vouchers and lots more!

3. @BBCle is a fantastic resource from the BBC.

They take big news articles from the BBC website and help you understand some of the harder words. Sometimes in English, people say things that might not make sense if you translate them like ‘belted out’. These are called idioms and this account is really good at explaining these to you.

4. @English247 tweet really regularly!

They have lots of word games you can play and they boost your vocabulary by posting themed lists of new words for you.

5. @CambridgeWords is a resource for English language learners from the Cambridge Dictionary.

Cambridge Words posts a new word every day and uses it in a sentence. If you don’t understand the word, you can click on the definition to find out. This is really useful for people who already have quite good English, but want to boost their vocabulary and learn some more unusual words!

And don’t forget to follow i-studentglobal on Twitter, too!

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