IELTS Exam Fees Around The World

The exam fees for taking the IELTS English Language Test can vary from country to country. So we’ve compiled the below list detailing the cost of taking the IELTS exam in a number of popular origin countries for study abroad students.

The information has been taken from the IELTS website pages and may need updating from time to time. These figures are here to give you a rough price guide.

Please note: these figures are for the IELTS Academic for UK Visas and Immigration test. Other IELTS tests for different purposes are generally less expensive but this is the test that you will need to take if you are looking to study abroad in the UK with IELTS.

Last updated 11/05/2021

IELTS in Europe

IELTS in North, Central & South America

  • USA – USD 295
  • Mexico – MXN $4,647
  • Canada – CAN 309-319 depending on the region. Test centres in Ottawa, London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg & British Colombia are $309. Test centres in Niagara Region and Windsor are $319.
  • Brazil – BRL 1046
  • Colombia – COP 762,000
  • Argentina – ARS 2,860

IELTS in Asia

IELTS in Oceania

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