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Education Extras That Business Majors Should Think About

If you’re currently enrolled at a college or university as a business major, you already know the importance of gaining a college degree. After all, that’s exactly why you’re investing all that time and money towards your education. You’re probably also aware that business majors have a great chance of job placement and top earnings after graduation. However, because majoring in business remains one of the most popular higher education paths, competition is stiff and you can find yourself in a sea of other business majors just like you. So how do you set yourself apart from the pack, and get the most out of your degree? Here are some education extras that business majors should think about.

More Learning, Please

There are multiple ways to distinguish yourself throughout your college career. Many students opt for volunteering, extracurricular activities, and student employment. While these will help capitalize even more on your education, there may be another area you haven’t considered: extra academics. Consider ways to increase your knowledge base and skill set even more, giving you an edge over fellow classmates.

Conferences and Seminars

Most colleges, business organizations, and even private companies offer conferences and seminars throughout the year. These events will often feature experts in your chosen field and offer a chance to learn from the best. Those who have forged the path ahead of you can be one of the best sources to learn from. These events also provide an excellent opportunity to network and get to know the best in the industry.

Company Training Programs

If you have your sights set on a specific industry, track down some of the top companies in that area. Many have partnerships with schools and offer training programs to expand on your education while also gaining some real-world experience. Make sure to consider multiple programs, do your research, and be prepared. These programs can be highly competitive, but worth the effort. Securing a work placement or internship for a week will provide you with a unique insight into your industry.

Graduate Degrees

As a business major, chances are, you’ve already thought seriously about going on to attain your MBA. Receiving your MBA may certainly help in finding the right job, and increases your earning potential even more. However, there may be other relevant Master’s programs that could be equally beneficial and offer the advantage of distinguishing you from other job seekers. For example, getting an online Master’s of Applied Psychology could be a great way to expand on your business foundation, but also give you expertise in another field. Businesses these days are recognizing the importance of human psychology in the workplace more and more, especially within certain niches such as Human Resources.

No matter what direction you choose to go in making the most of your time as a business major, don’t underestimate the importance of expanding on your education in unique ways. Your future self will thank you.

Article submitted by Eileen O’Shanassy, a freelance writer based in Arizona.

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