5 Things to Know Before Pursuing a College Degree in Music

If your entire high school career has been about band, choir or orchestra, then chances are that you’re considering pursuing music at the collegiate level. Obtaining your college degree in music is rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges. Here are 5 things to know before pursuing a college degree in music.

1. Your Life After College Isn’t Doomed For Failure

There’s an old joke about arts degrees that goes, “what’s the difference between an arts degree and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.” While many people get their jollies by laughing at those who major in the performing arts, it’s unwise to completely write off the value of an arts degree. Even if you don’t end up working in your field, there are tons of opportunities for creative people in both the private and public sector.

2. But Some Opportunities Might Be Closed Off To You

Regardless of what you major in, there are always opportunities for creative people who are willing to work hard. However, some opportunities will be closed off to you if you choose to major in the arts, in fields like technology, finance and science. However, if paths in those career fields wouldn’t appeal to you anyway, then don’t sweat it.

3. It’s Not An Easy Ride

Just because you won’t be dissecting cadavers with the pre-med students or analyzing 150-page case briefs with the pre-law majors doesn’t mean that you should assume you’re in for an easy three or four years. The music departments at many schools can actually be even more competitive than other departments. In a business or science department, everyone can potentially get a perfect score, but in a music department, concerts and performance opportunities may have a limited amount of slots. Don’t assume it will be easy.

4. But It’s Really, Really Fun

Just because competition in the performing arts is fierce, it doesn’t mean that majoring in music isn’t incredibly fun and fulfilling. Pursuing an artistic venture that you love is incredibly rewarding. Your days will be filled with music and creativity, unlike the endless piles of books and studies that occupy the days of other students.

5. Be Sure It’s Your Passion

Pursuing a career in music won’t be simple. You’ll have to struggle to get your name out there and you might face a lot of rejection. However, if this is your passion, then you’d be a fool not to pursue it.

If you live and breathe music, then majoring in music in college is certainly the way to go. We hope these 5 things to know before pursuing a college degree in music have been helpful. When you spend the day in and day out studying something you’re passionate about, then you’re sure to enjoy your time in college and achieve the best that you can.

Article submitted by Lizzy Weakley, a freelance writer based in Colombo, OH.

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