5 International Careers in Photography

Photography is often seen as a hobby rather than a worthwhile career path.

Yet there are so many careers for photographers to explore, each of which involves its own distinct training. For example, commercial, travel, and scientific photography are each separate industries with their own needs. International students, in particular, can excel in photography. There are many careers in photography that involve international travel and an independent work ethic, which are both built up during study abroad experiences.

If you’re thinking about pursuing professional photography as more than just a pastime, think about whether any of the following career paths may be a good fit.

1.  Photojournalism

Those who have a keen eye for detail and like putting themselves in the heart of the action might want to pursue a photojournalism career. This involves taking photos of newsworthy events as they happen, whether it’s a massive protest or a hostage standoff. Photojournalists often find themselves in dangerous or politically controversial events, which is where the best shots tend to be. For those who are quick-thinking and have the nose for a story, photojournalism can be an extremely rewarding career.

2. Travel Photography

Do you love travelling? Many international students find that once they’ve experienced life in a foreign country as a student, they long for more extensive travel. For photography students, this could lead to a career as a travel photographer. Competition is fierce in this industry, but if you have savvy people skills and the ability to blend into your environment, you may be able to capture award-winning photos for travel magazines or hospitality brochures. It’s definitely one of those most global careers in photography.

3. Wildlife Photography

Would you like to work with animals? Combine these two interests to become a wildlife photographer. Whether you wish to capture kangaroos in their natural habitat or a pride of lions in Africa, you’ll need to combine a respect for nature with plenty of patience. Nature can be unpredictable, and you’ll be travelling through remote territories to capture wildlife in remote habitats.

4. Portrait Photography

Perhaps one of the most common career paths for international photography students is to become a portrait photographer. Portrait photography is in high demand all over the world, whether it’s for families, weddings, or sports teams. If you enjoy academic life, you could even become a university photographer to document official events for archiving purposes and take yearbook photos. Portrait photography is ideal for those who enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds. If you are good at making strangers feel comfortable, you could be a natural fit for this career path.

5. Forensic Photography

Are you interested in working with law enforcement? Do you enjoy solving puzzles and documenting the details that could solve a crime? You may wish to become a forensic photographer, taking photos of crime scenes. This job is not for the faint of heart, but it can be rewarding to know that you’ve helped solve a mystery.

Whether your interest lies with wildlife conservation, medical science, or politics, there are numerous careers in photography to explore. You’ll need the proper training, plenty of practice, and the willingness to persevere to get your foot in the door. Yet photography can be a very fulfilling career for students from all over the world.

This article was written by Rachel MacDonald, a freelance writer and blogger, who specializes in education, photography and the arts.

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