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If I Can, So Can You

Yulin Wang
Yulin Wang
Yulin Wang is a Chinese international student studying in the UK. His blog is about his life at the University of Chichester studying Sports Therapy.

My name is Yulin and I’m a Sports Therapy student at the University of Chichester.

I often find myself staring at the computer screen with a document/word/sheet widely open, and after 10 minutes, the page is still empty, clean. Nothing was actually written down, I’m still staring at the screen…

Sometimes I purposefully choose a quiet corner in the library. I’ve got a ball pen, a table, a chair and some paper. I pull the chair forward close to the table till my belly is sandwiched between the table and the chair backrest. That black ball pen is my favourite, the blank A4 paper lays perfectly flat on the table in front of me.

That is all I need for this case study writing task, but I just struggle to write.

It seems easy to just write, but it’s hard for me, still. I wonder why. I ask myself  ‘why do I make such a fuss about it, why can’t I just put the words down?


This is me, a 3rd-year sports therapy student afraid of writing and nervous about doing a presentation. However,  I am not ashamed of speaking about why I don’t seem to be able to meet this expectation.

I will always remember the nutrition module presentation test before the Christmas holidays.

My heart was like an over-revving racing-car engine, my palms strangely became damp in that rather cold December, struggling to find a comfortable posture. Everything seemed so odd, and my breath was fast and shallow. I wondered if the air had become thinner all of a sudden or if I had started to lose the ability to breathe.

That 15-minute long presentation seemed a lifetime.

However, I did it in the end. Nothing happened and I feel I am better and stronger than before!

a-car-engineI admit I have been scared; for many times I turned my head away from the problems and pretended everything was fine. Then I turned around and saw the tasks were still where I left them before, untouched.

I learnt that the learning tasks will be there for as long as I start to take some action.

No more hiding, stand tall and tell myself ‘I can do it, just slowly, bit by bit’, I really did it.

I even enjoyed the very specific feeling of being overwhelmed by happiness after the completion of a learning task.

I will retain this positive thinking and attitude towards the academic study in 2015 with the goal of successful graduation.


What is your goal for 2015?