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Top Places in Asia to Study Abroad


Are you in need of an exciting place to study abroad? If so, Asia is the perfect destination for you! There are endless possibilities for choosing a country in Asia to study in. Each one has its own unique culture and history that will fascinate you. This blog post will go ahead to discuss some of the top places in Asia to consider studying abroad. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

1. Japan

First, let’s talk about the country that is a leader in the world economy. Japan has always been one of the most attractive countries for international students since the 50’s when American and European scholars first started to notice it as a land of knowledge. There are many known reasons why you should consider going there:

  • Learn Japanese culture
  • The local people are very friendly and peaceful
  • Explore historical places such as Kyoto or Nara temple
  • Try delicious traditional food like sushi, ramen, or gyoza!

Being a non-English speaking country, Japan has many universities and language schools that offer English-taught programs. As a student here, having someone do my English homework is a great idea.

2. Singapore

Another popular destination for students looking to study abroad in Asia is Singapore. The city-state has a well-developed education system, with top universities like the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. What’s more, Singapore is an international hub, making it easy for students to get around and experience different cultures.

3. Thailand

If you’re looking for an affordable study abroad destination, Thailand is a great option. With its rich culture and stunning scenery, Thailand offers something for everyone. In addition, tuition and living expenses are relatively low compared to other countries in Asia.

4. China

China is another popular destination for students looking to study abroad in Asia. With its large population and diverse landscape, China offers many opportunities for students interested in learning about Asian culture and history.

Additionally, China’s economy is booming, and there are many job opportunities available for graduates with Chinese language skills. The cost of living and tuition for schools in China is also relatively low compared to other countries in the region. When it comes to working on your essays for coursework, finding the writing service can lower the cost even further, as this is a service that helps you with custom essays and assignments. You can use killer papers promo code to do your further assignments. 

5. South Korea

South Korea is another great option for students looking to study abroad in Asia. With its stunning scenery and booming economy, South Korea has something to offer everyone. Additionally, South Korea has a highly-developed education system, making it an ideal destination for students seeking a rigorous academic experience.

6. Taiwan

Taiwan is another excellent option for students looking to study abroad in Asia. With its diverse landscape and booming economy, Taiwan has something to offer everyone. Taiwan’s highly-developed education system makes it an ideal destination for students seeking a rigorous academic experience.

7. Final Word

Asia has a lot to offer to the international student, and this is just the beginning. We have listed some of Asia’s most popular destinations, but there are plenty more where those came from. If you want to study abroad in Asia, look at what each country offers and how it could benefit your academic career as well as your life experience.

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From business in Australia, to travelling Asia: Elise’s study exchange


Elise decided to study business in Australia at Griffith University, before travelling around Asia. This is her story.

Elise Giles is from Queensland and she decided to study business in Australia, at Griffith University. She was awarded a Business Achievement Medal for being the graduate with the highest overall achievement. Following her studies, she travelled to Asia and now works as a Capability Development Manager for AsiaLink Business in Melbourne. I asked her about her time at university.

Why did you study business in Australia?

“Growing up in rural Queensland, I saw the fundamental role that small businesses play in the local economy and I aspired to do just that – create my own business. I knew I needed to undertake tertiary education to provide me with the appropriate skills and experiences. So I started looking for a program that would help me develop a unique and competitive skill set. 

“I was attracted to Griffith University because it offers a wide range of business specialisations that were of great interest to me. The Griffith Honours College was also of interest to me. It’s a program designed to help high achieving students that display leadership reach their full potential. Ultimately, I chose the program because I knew it would help me achieve my goals.

“As a whole, I felt my program at Griffith was actually more practical than I expected, but I learned more effectively because of this. From work-integrated learning to community engagement and real-life examples presented by leading academics, I could genuinely translate these learnings into the real world. It has prepared me for my engagement in government, and the private sector.”

Check out our article on work-integrated learning in Australia.

Brisbane signCreating a professional network

“At Griffith, I was able to develop strong relationships with academics as I had a real interest in their research interests. I am still in contact with the professors, and they continue to provide guidance to me in a professional setting. In particular, I have stayed connected to Associate Professor Peter Woods, Director (International) of the Griffith Business School. Peter delivered a course called “The Social context of Asian Business” in my first year, and coincidentally I undertook the elective course.

“To this day I still remember the stories Peter told of how to engage with Indonesia – Australia’s closest neighbour. He expressed the importance and value of South Korea’s chaebol in their economy. I found the cultural complexities intriguing, and I wanted to learn more about the Asia region. I had never stepped foot out of Australia however, this course really planted the seed for me to begin this engagement. Peter’s teaching really helped to pivot my career – from a purely domestic focus to a global one. He taught me how to capitalise on the opportunities Asia presents.

Griffith University
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