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Top Free Apps for Students

Be it eating, sleeping or studying, we’re always looking for ways to make our time as a student quicker, easier and more interesting. Luckily we’ve found the perfect list of apps for students.


A lot of students struggle to wake up for their early morning lectures at the best of times, and this is only made harder when battling against jetlag. Alarmy is a free app that forces you to wake up with challenges. Your alarm will not turn off unless you solve a maths puzzle, shake your phone 40 times, take a picture of your sink, the list goes on. Select your challenge, set your alarm. The idea is that by the time you have completed your challenge you will not be feeling super sleepy anymore.

Once you turn your alarm off, Alarmy opens a dashboard where you can read your daily horoscope, read the news, and see the weather for the day. This is such a fantastic free app and we think that every single student should download it. Find out more.

Google Translate

Everyone knows about Google Translate, but do they know what it has become. Instead of just typing in what you want to say, you can speak or handwrite. There is a conversation mode specifically designed for chatting to someone, and it saves what you say so that you can look back over the conversation. You can save set phrases and translations to use offline. Find out more.


Tasty is an app created by Buzzfeed, and it is the best recipe app out there. There are thousands of recipes, which can be searched by diet (vegan, gluten-free, etc) and difficulty. There are very clear step-by-step instructions, with overhead videos to make it even more simple! There is something on there for everyone; from recipes for beginners to Michelin-star chefs showing off their recipes for those who want to develop their skills. Find out more.


Duolingo makes learning a language fun and simple. It is a free app, which has an abundance of languages to choose from. It has games and rewards! It jumps between testing your reading, speaking, and listening skills in order to keep it interesting and help you become a well-rounded learner. You can have more than one language on the go! Find out more.


This is only available for iPad, but we had to put it on the list as it is soooo helpful! You can record the whole lecture, take notes as you go, and draw diagrams. These are perfect for revising as you will never miss something important again! Find out more.

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