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Why Going Global Is Important for Today’s Students


I studied Mass Media and worked as a Media Planning Executive with Starcom MediaVest Group back home in India. However, over a year ago I made the decision to further my studies with a postgraduate certificate in Advertising Management.

With the world being so interconnected today, I really wanted to get a global perspective so I chose to study at Humber College in Toronto, Canada.

I loved the program and after completing the Advertising Management certificate in August, I decided to enrol in the Marketing Management postgraduate certificate. I just started my courses and I’m looking forward to the challenging year ahead!

My own international experience has led me to be a keen advocate of studying abroad for other students.

One of the great things about Humber is that it has links and partnerships all over the world. Those partnerships enable students to get real global experience in their chosen areas.

I will be sharing my experiences in these blogs as well as the experience of my fellow students.

I recently spoke to Nomi (who is in the final semester of Humber’s Marketing Management postgraduate program), about her three-month marketing internship in India with INKtalks, which she describes as “essentially the Indian TEDtalks.”

yoga-pose-in-indiaIshita: What motivated you to go abroad?

Nomi: I have always wanted to come to India, and when the opportunity came my way, I did not hesitate to jump on it. Last year, when I was deciding between Humber and another Toronto-area college, I found out that Humber had an association with Leave Ur Mark (which is the company that brought me here) and that sealed my decision to come to Humber.



Ishita: What are some of the highlights so far?

Nomi: So far, I have been here more than 10 weeks and a lot has happened! I started out volunteering at the YWCA of Bangalore City and saw the amazing work they do in different communities. Now I have been at INK for a month and a half and could not be happier with this internship! I am gaining new skills not only by working for a company that is new to me, but also by working for a company in a different country, in a different culture. There’s also the opportunity to embark on some amazing weekend trips in southern India. Hampi has been my favourite as it is very different from anything else I have seen.

volunteering-in-indiaIshita: How has going abroad helped you grow as a person? How do you think going abroad has/will help shape your future career?

Nomi: Coming to India, I knew the culture and environment were going to challenge me in certain ways. Since I am a person who wants to be challenged, I welcomed this opportunity with open arms.

Despite how difficult it may have been at times, I have overcome these challenges. Not only has this experience been a dream come true for me, but it will also give me a leg up when I start job hunting upon my return home (given what the job market is these days, I know that is something we are all looking for).

Having this experience on my resume shows my ability to adapt and to embrace challenges. Taking on a new job at a new company can be difficult in itself. Taking on a new job at a new company in a different country with a different culture is a completely different ball game.

However, I can tell you that I have risen to the challenge and would not change any aspect of my experience here.


Ishita: What advice do you have for students thinking about going abroad?

Nomi: To anyone who is considering studying/working abroad: do it. Sometimes it will be a struggle, but you will learn and grow and be happy about what you have accomplished. Dreams are not meant to be easy and nothing magical ever happens within your comfort zone. Go in with no expectations (because most things do not go the way we plan) and let go of the stereotypes that are associated with the culture you want to submerge yourself in. You will have the time of your life.