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Why Become A Student Ambassador?

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As a general rule, ambassadors—government officials—are regarded as the president’s highest-ranking representatives. They are strong negotiators that coordinate numerous activities and strategies intended to listen to the needs of other countries and their people. University student ambassadors have roughly the same role (OK, maybe without the president’s involvement).

Universities and schools, whether they have an International Admissions Centre or not, oftentimes will have at least one student ambassador serving as brand deputy. So, let’s discover what is a student ambassador and what their role is within a university.

Student ambassador role: what is a student ambassador?

Usually part of the university’s Student Ambassador Programme, student ambassadors are dedicated leaders elected for one full academic year to represent the school by organising campus tours for new students, parents, guests or high school counsellors, while being involved in various community events and interactive activities. You will always find them at the school’s front desk acting as the first point of contact to visitors.

A student ambassador role includes:

  • Attending meetings to brainstorm on new uni events
  • Helping others on how to become better students
  • Attending staff training
  • Participating in focus groups and market research
  • Contacting prospects
  • Writing blogs
  • Managing your social media platforms.

International student ambassadors are the official overpass between the backstage of an institution and the outside community. Nobody knows better than them what it’s like to leave their home country and study overseas. If a university has a high percentage of international students from China, for example, nominating a Chinese student ambassador is strongly recommended. Having a varied selection of student ambassadors from different parts of the world is, obviously enough, recommended.

Why become a student ambassador?

It’s simple: the job is a door opener to their professional career. You will grasp invaluable skill sets that will benefit you when applying for that dream job after graduation. Employers don’t just pay attention to student’s grades, but to their involvement in the community and university life as well. Think about leadership aptitudes, teamwork, letters of recommendation, and other points that will bring uniqueness to your CV. Not to mention personal experience.

What skills you have to have as an international student ambassador?

Student ambassadors must meet, of course, certain conditions in order to become a university’s representative. For example, they have to be enrolled at that particular uni and have a certain number of credits.

Student ambassador roleYour fundamental focus is to help prospective students learn more about your school and their programme of choice. So, your talents should be closely related to:

  • A perfect balance of discipline and enthusiasm: a diplomat in every sense of the word
  • Leadership: a true tourist guide of your brand
  • Loyalty and kindness: genuine care and willingness to help their peers
  • Witty, with a great sense of humour
  • Curiosity and openness to other cultures: keen to learn more about cultural diversity and pluralism
  • The gift of the gab: strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • An undercover educator: eager to share their first-hand experiences of the programmes, teaching, and lifestyle of your institution
  • In love with your school: oh yes, we said love.

As an international student ambassador, you will raise the aspirations of each student getting in contact with your university, and educate them about their departments, traditions, history, and achievements. You are a role model for all of the students that come after you. As today’s strong influencer, you will lead the way for millennials and the next-next-next generations after to ensure that prospective students get a high-quality and enjoyable experience, and leave the campus thinking “I’m coming back”.

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