A visit to Howth

Natasha Madhavan
Natasha Madhavan
Natasha, from India, is a first-year student studying International Finance and Economics at Maynooth University. She loves animals, playing sports and reading books.

My friend and I wanted to have a relaxing weekend and wanted to explore more of Ireland. So we decided to take a train to Howth, which is known for its beautiful seaside views. We got off to a not-so-pleasant start, to be frank! This was because the train was absolutely packed that day for some unknown reason.

We tried our hardest not to topple on other passengers while on the train. It was actually quite funny! The train ride wasn’t all bad, though, as we got to see such pretty views of the coastal areas as we trundled along.

First stop: getting food at Crabby Jo’s

We finally reached our destination. The weather, surprisingly, was really quite wonderful! The sun was out and shining, in all its glory (which is always something that people living in Ireland appreciate as it is oh-so-rare!). Our first objective for this trip, even before we could take in the pretty town, was to go get some food.

My friend and I attempting to smile with the bright sun in our eyes haha

We were absolutely raving with hunger. We went to a place called Crabby Jo’s, which is very well known in Howth for its seafood. However, me being a vegetarian, got a simple meal of takeaway chips and dip but my friend did get the famous “fish and chips”. We decided to take it to a ledge where we got to sit and eat our meals. It really was a nice and relaxing time as we got to munch on our deep-fried goods and look out onto such a lovely view of the blue sea.

The boats along the port

Next: walking along the port and visiting the farmers’ market

We then continued to explore the rest of the town. We walked along the port and saw so many fishermen unloading their catch for the day. There also happened to be a farmer’s market going on which was very interesting.

Howth Farmers Market

It was filled with various stalls selling little trinkets, food and so many other things. It was a very pleasant environment. We also got to eat some delicious waffles. I only wish we had the time to go on the various walks in Howth, but unfortunately, it was time for us to leave.

Belgian waffles

I would definitely recommend that people visit this little seaside town. It is very pretty and the seaside is absolutely gorgeous.