Student LifestyleHow To Get Your Accommodation Deposit Back

How To Get Your Accommodation Deposit Back

Before the start of the new academic year is when most students’ contracts for their university accommodation. Landlord and estate agents can be particularly strict with their standards, especially with students. They can withhold hundreds of pounds for small discrepancies.

We thought we would create a list of the top things you can do to ensure you get your deposit back!

Take Photos and Videos

Before you move all your stuff in, ensure that you take photos and videos of the whole house to record what state everything is in. Send these to your landlord and keep them saved, they can be used as evidence at the end.

Clean Regularly

Regularly cleaning will mean you’ll have less work to do when you have inspections. If you allow mould and mildew to set in you could face costly cleaning bills when it’s time to move out – a few minutes cleaning often is better than hours and hours after months of not doing any.