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Good Skills Up Your Sleeve?

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Many people believe that today’s workplace is a solitary, sombre venue where employees interact primarily with electronic devices. However, opportunities still exist for those who’d rather work mostly with people than with things. Those seeking career options applicable to their outgoing, sociable natures should consider the following four degrees.



Marketing managers use their finely tuned social skills in a variety of ways throughout the course of their days. Cooperative project development requires being able to act effectively as a leader, a mentor, and coworker. People who possess superior powers of persuasion generally do extremely well in the role of marketing manager. This field has a growth rate of approximately 6,000 new jobs per year. The pay for most marketing management positions averages over $100,000 annually.



No two days are ever the same in the life of a professional event planner, and plenty of opportunities for meeting and working with all types of people exist. Event planners coordinate everything from weddings to corporate retreats and everything in between. The average annual salary is slightly less than $47,000, and the expected job growth through 2024 is 10 percent greater than average. Those who love being around a wide variety of personality types and appreciate opportunities to sample food and beverages, listen to musicians, and explore event venues as a part of doing their job.

International Affairs


Those in possession of superior negotiation and analytical skills should consider getting a master’s of international affairs. Annual salaries average slightly under $100,000, and opportunities exist in all parts of the globe. For instance, international corporations frequently hire those with degrees in International Affairs to oversee cross-cultural relations in overseas offices. It is also possible for work for the government as a diplomat. Both types of work involve a great deal of person-to-person contact with those of diverse backgrounds and cultures.



The food and beverage industry is perhaps the most social of them all Graduates of culinary schools work as chefs, as institutional cooks, as nutritionists, as wine stewards, as buyers for retail outlets, and much more. Annual salaries for chefs are at $41,5000, but that can rise dramatically as chefs become financially invested in their own establishments. Those employed in this field must have exemplary customer service skills as well as the ability to interact in a positive fashion with coworkers from all walks of life.

Fortunately, many opportunities exist for those seeking work environments requiring well-developed social skills.


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