5 Reasons Why Every University Student Should Own A Plant

Here at i-STUDENTglobal, we believe in the power of plants, and we think that everyone else should too. Here are 5 reasons why every university student should own a plant.

1. Plants can teach responsibility

Having a little plant relying on you for water, sunlight, repotting etc. teaches University students how to care for others. It is suggested that plant owners have a higher rate of empathy than non-plant owners, as they know what it is like for a living thing to solely rely on them. You don’t want the very first thing that relies on you (without the help of mum and dad!) to be a puppy or a baby.

2. Plants are good for the planet

As everyone knows, plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out Oxygen. Even teeny-tiny plants make the world a little bit of a better place. Also, once you buy one plant, I can guarantee that you will want more. Soon your room will be filled with fresh and filtered oxygen!

3. They look super cute!

Plants come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s not just succulents. Leafy, waxy, spikey, fuzzy. I recommend getting a ‘String of Hearts’ plant to hang down from your bookshelf! Plants really do bring colour and life to a room and can be a way of expressing your identity in uniform college accommodation.

4. You can join a plant community

There will likely be other plant lovers on campus, or, if not, there are loads of plant communities and meetups on Facebook and Instagram! Share what plants you have online, talk to each other for tips, and go to meetups where you can swap rare plant cuttings and build your little plant family! It is a great way to make friends and feel like you are a part of something bigger.

5. Plants are good listeners

People find that talking to their plants is very therapeutic, and there is a belief amongst plant parents that plants grow better when they are talked to. This may be a great way to vent stress worries, and not worry about them telling anyone!