LatestTop 5 Majors Perfect for a Job in Foreign Markets

Top 5 Majors Perfect for a Job in Foreign Markets

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Students who hope to work overseas after graduation should begin preparing early. The selection of a college major is one of the first steps for international job seekers because background and education are at the top of the list for most employers.

While every college has a different menu of courses and majors for students, there are five commonly available majors that students should consider if they want to work on foreign shores.


International Studies:

Sometimes called Global Studies, majors like this one are becoming more common at U.S. colleges and are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get a feel for what it might be like to work overseas.

Foreign Languages:

Just about any foreign language, as a major, can be an ideal entrée for international jobs and work for government agencies that have offices overseas, like the Peace Corps, for example.

Technical Studies:

Math and science majors are always in demand for international job seekers, so keep your eyes wide open if numbers are your thing.


Obtaining an architecture licence can open up numerous international jobs from anywhere in the world that need whiz kids with a passion for design.

ESL (English as a Second Language):

Knowing how to teach English to non-native speakers has been one of the most enduring sources of jobs for new college grads who want to work in foreign nations.

Tips to keep in mind


First, look for “International” in the course name. Courses and majors with the word “international” in their titles are usually good choices. International Studies, International Management, and International Education are just a few of the relevant courses that are offered at most colleges. You can also find many similar businesses and even law areas that are considered international.

Then, talk with school counsellors. Students who want to find overseas jobs should speak with counsellors about the challenges involved in the quest for international work. Experienced professionals can offer answers to the most common questions students have and can help you network with the right professors.

Finding work overseas can be a challenging task for anyone, let alone college graduates who have little or no relevant employment experience. Armed with the right attitude, a relevant major, and plenty of persistence, it is possible to find rewarding work in a foreign job market. Students should begin early to choose the right major and have a series of discussions with counsellors. When it comes to finding a job overseas, there is no substitute for a pertinent college major.

Many immigration attorneys, such as Joshua L. Goldstein, know the challenges faced by those who want to secure overseas employment, so students should always consider getting some expert advice during their quest to locate an international job.


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