Latest5 Degrees That Will Give You the Best Job Security

5 Degrees That Will Give You the Best Job Security

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Layoffs and budget cuts are all too common today. When you’re looking at career options before applying for college, finding one with job security should be at the top of your list. You’ll also find higher wages as companies compete for talented candidates to meet their needs. Depending on your personal skills and expectations, here are five of the most desirable degrees to secure your future.

Master’s in Business Administration

MA business

Capable business managers are in demand with companies of all sizes. You should focus on specific career goals, however. Operation managers are concerned with daily production and improving efficiency, while project managers are tasked with planning and completing initiatives such as finding new equipment or launching products. Expertise in either role is of great value to growing companies.

Master’s in Data Science

Rising demand for data scientists reflects the growing reliance on big data solutions. Gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources helps companies make informed decisions in marketing, hiring, cost-efficiency, and almost any aspect of a business.

You’ll play a key role in information systems and data analysis. This is an IT role with emphasis on computer science and applications, data modelling techniques, mathematics, and statistics.

Master’s in Information Security

MA Information

With this degree, you’ll become an expert in protecting business networks from hackers, malware, and other cyber threats. This is a crucial need for companies that recognize the potential danger of having their intellectual property or customer data stolen.

Analysts sometimes start with an undergraduate degree and then add industry certifications and specific training to improve their marketability. As a security analyst, you have the option of outsourcing your skills as a high-priced consultant.

Master’s in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are always in demand because of the critical role they play in our technology-dependent culture. They design, develop, and troubleshoot electrical and electromagnetic products and equipment of all kinds, from satellites to children’s toys.

You can earn a master’s in electrical engineering online while working full time. It requires studying physics and advanced mathematics, but it can be a very rewarding career.

Master’s in Laboratory Technology

MA Lab

With the growing demand for medical care, healthcare facilities are expected to add 70,600 new jobs by 2022. As a laboratory technologist, you’ll perform tests on blood and other tissues to help doctors diagnose and treat patients. You can even start with an associate’s degree and gain experience as you continue your studies.

Planning your education is planning your future. Experience and training in high-demand positions help ensure that you’ll always find employment.


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