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From Thailand to New Zealand

Pimsupa Puthipiroj
Pimsupa Puthipiroj
Hey everyone, please meet Pim. Pim is from Thailand and is now studying Science at New Zealand's Victoria University of Wellington.

Hi all!! My name is Pim. I am an international student studying at Victoria University of Wellington.

I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand and am studying a Bachelor of Science. I’m now in my second year, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Marketing. These two combinations go together really well, and I am really enjoying my course =).

Psychology is the most interesting subject ever!! (really). I started off with a conjoint Degree in Commerce and Science, but it didn’t take me long to realise how commerce is such a bad match for me. Hence, the switch to science!!

Last year I lived at a university hall, but this year I decided to move to a homestay.

A lot of people doubted my decision, but I can assure you that made a correct one. But I am also very fortunate to have such a lovely family. The family is composed of the host father, mother, and another homestay student named Hien, who is also studying at Victoria. I hang out with Hien a lot, and she is very fun to be with. We always cook yummy stuff together, and we also try to make our food look cute.

Like any other uni student, I struggle for money to spend— and hence, the part-time job.

I used to work in a Thai restaurant, which was pretty cool. I liked the fact that I can eat Thai food at a discounted price whenever I want. Sadly, I don’t do that anymore, because it is pretty tiring to do waiting while you’re studying. Anyhow, I managed to secure some new jobs. I am currently giving some piano lessons and leading a study group at the university. These jobs are pretty fun (just because my students are lovely) but they require lots of preparation beforehand (especially leading the study group). I really had to manage my time well for that.

As I mentioned earlier, psychology is superb, but it can be demanding at times, such as this lab report that is coming up, which is due next week, that I haven’t started yet…

And not surprisingly when something is due, everything else is due, especially when the trimester is about to end. So I will be swimming in an ocean of assignments for the next two weeks, once again. To my surprise, I am not even afraid of drowning; I guess one just gets used to it at some point, somehow.

Now that I mentioned assignments, about time I get back to them. I have toured my Thai friend around Wellington CBD recently, in which I should write about it next time.

Bye for now, Pim

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