The skinny on scholarships for trade schools

At a time when some job opportunities are shrinking, no career paths present greater opportunities and growth than the skilled trades. Demand for tradesmen and tradeswomen is booming: nations like Japan and the United Kingdom have as little as around 20% of their secondary-education students enrolled in the trades, creating a huge gap between available jobs and people to fill them.

In some nations the divide is even greater: less than 3% of the workforce in India, for example, have any trade skills training. It’s just as bad in the United States, where there are only 400,000 apprentices in training, but an overall shortage of five million workers with technical skills.

Going to trade school can be an exciting opportunity to start fresh, especially for older learners, but potential students may be nervous about the cost of tuition. The good news is that many organisations make a number of scholarships available to offer financial assistance to adults or even foot the entire bill.


Scholarships can be awarded based on a range of factors. One of the hottest trends in the trades is working to enrol more women, and a number of scholarships are available for women who boldly choose to enter a profession that has historically been dominated by men, such as the Women in HVAC/R scholarship.  Students who are older than the traditional age can get financial help from the Imagine America Foundation, which provides up to $1,000 for students over the age of 19.

Here’s an infographic guide on scholarships for adults and application tips for success




Special thanks to Refrigeration School for providing us with this informative infographic guide.