Student LifestyleWhy You Should Go To A UK Modern University

Why You Should Go To A UK Modern University

MillionPlus (Greg Walker - Chief Executive)
MillionPlus (Greg Walker - Chief Executive)
MillionPlus is the Association for Modern Universities in the UK, and the voice of 21st Century Higher Education. We champion, promote, and raise awareness of the essential role played by modern Universities in a world-leading Higher Education sector.

Modern universities make up over half of the UK’s Higher Education sector, educating over a million students a year. With ground-breaking research and endless career opportunities, MillionPlus, the Association for Modern Universities, is here to tell you why these modern UK institutions are perfect for International Students.

Research and Innovation

Since the creation of modern universities nearly thirty years ago, these dynamic institutions have grown into powerhouses of pioneering teaching and research, whilst retaining their mission of improving access to education.

Evolving with the modern world, these universities pioneer exciting, cutting-edge degree courses, in new and bold subject areas. For example, one of our Scottish institutions, Abertay University, has been voted to have the best computer game courses in Europe by the prestigious annual Princeton Review. For anyone wanting to study a new and diverse subject, these universities specialise in a range of modern University subjects.

Career Prospects

Modern universities have an enormous impact across the UK, and do much of the hard work in developing key skills for the future jobs market. Working with businesses and industries, they craft their own study programmes, tailoring them to the needs of employers. They have also embraced degree apprenticeships, in which students work and earn as they study.

Noticing the need for more entrepreneurship in education, modern universities are great for any students thinking of starting up their own business after their studies. They have found ways to unleash ingenuity, by placing entrepreneurialism at the centre of their curriculum, and they support students in creating businesses, social enterprises, and charities. In 2017-18, modern universities were responsible for 66%of all graduate start-ups and 57% of social enterprises coming from the HE sector.

They are educational drivers through the work they do, in exchanging knowledge and innovation with the industry, and by skilling workers for employment.

Modern university graduates will be well-equipped to deal with the evolving employment market of the future, and the demands that this will put upon them in shaping a rewarding career- wherever they should choose to make their home.

Diversity and Location

Our universities increase aspiration and opportunities for people from all walks of life, by ensuring flexible pathways into Higher Education, and providing support to students on their learning journey. And as these universities continue to grow, their campuses are alive with energy, diversity and enterprise- making them the perfect place for an international student to live and study.

There’s also plenty of wonderful places to choose from. From Solent on the south coast, to Sunderland in England’s north east, to the highlands and islands of Scotland, modern universities are deeply connected with their place and region.

The UK higher education sector is without doubt one of the best in the world, with tens of thousands of students from across the globe choosing to study at one of the country’s universities. Earlier this year, the UK government pledged to grow the number of people coming to the country to attend the University – so there is no better time than now to study here.


“MillionPlus is the Association for Modern Universities in the UK, and the voice of 21st Century Higher Education. We champion, promote, and raise awareness of the essential role played by modern universities in a world-leading Higher Education sector. MillionPlus represents 21 modern universities across England and Scotland.

Earlier this year, we launched theĀ #ThinkModern campaign to highlight the highest-quality teaching and research work that goes on at the modern universities across Britain. You can see dozens of examples on our website and social media pages.”