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What My Scholarship Means to Me

Sri Themudu
Sri Themudu
Sri has left his home in Malaysia to study for a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the University of Otago in New Zealand. His ASEAN Scholarship has opened up this new opportunity for him.

Kia Ora,

A little about me.  My name is Sri Themudu and I am pursuing a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Otago, New Zealand. I am a Malaysian who loves adventures, social work and cooking for survival (Hope you catch what I meant here).

sri-themudu-1What the New Zealand Aid Scholarship and the University of Otago mean to me.

The New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship is an experience rather than an opportunity. It’s an experience in making the toughest decisions, cultural assimilation and career advancement.

Leaving a lovely family back in my homeland and a stable career in Toyota Motors was the toughest decision I’ve ever made. That being said, I am sure it’s the most worthwhile decision of my life.


I decided to step out of my comfortable world for two reasons:

  • to challenge me to gain a qualification abroad
  • to get in contact with the intricacies of global business
  • and to meet people from all over the world.

Indeed, I fell that the interaction with international students is one of the key benefits of studying business abroad.

Experiencing assimilation among people from different cultural backgrounds to approach and solve problems is an important part of the learning.


The melting pot of cultures makes studying abroad so stimulating and rewarding!

The understanding that I will gain from such diversity will be invaluable in my working life and may help me clinch that vital first role.

I hope the Masters of Entrepreneurship will shape the way I think around creativity, innovation and disrupting the status quo.

The methodology of creating opportunities and business models is very present at the University of Otago. Here, you are surrounded by like-minded, energetic individuals and teams that can make the difference.

With these endless possibilities, the M.Ent postgraduate degree will give me an excellent base to start my entrepreneurial career.

Considering all the above, I chose NZ ASEAN Scholarship for the traditional outputs.

I want to increase my impact on organizations, to join a network of leaders with the courage to reach challenging goals, to gain unmatched credibility as a transformational leader.


Studying at the University of Otago will be a transforming experience that could take my career to new and exciting stages.