Student LifestyleHow To Get Your Accommodation Deposit Back

How To Get Your Accommodation Deposit Back

Build A Rapport With Your Landlord

Communication is key – be respectful of the property you live in and treat it like it’s your own. Good communication, manners, respect and honesty will all go towards getting your full deposit back at the end of your tenancy.

When You Move Out

  • Clean like mad! Make sure you get every corner, paint any paint chips on the wall, get rid of any mould or mildew, and leave it as nice as when you arrived.
  • Take final pictures/videos of the house once you cleaned to prove that it is in good condition
  • Make sure that all bills are paid off, and take pictures of the electricity and water meter to prove how much you used

Stand Up For Yourself

When the time comes to move out, your landlord has ten days to return your deposit to you. If you are disputing deductions from your deposit, it will continue to be held in the tenancy deposit scheme until the issues are sorted.

When it’s time to move out you may get charged for certain things like not removing rubbish, dents in the wall and not cleaning properly. If you disagree with charges make sure you dispute them, especially if the items you are being charged for were already in that state when you moved in. Speak to your landlord or estate agent and explain why you think the charges are unfair – they will have ten days to get back to you and if they don’t you could start legal proceedings.