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Hello from Shairil

Shairil Bhardwaj
Shairil Bhardwaj
Hiya to the happiest World! I am Shairil Bhardwaj from Delhi, India and I am studying abroad at University of Pecs, in Hungary, pursuing my Master Degree.

Hiya to the happiest World! I am Shairil Bhardwaj from Delhi, India and I am studying abroad at the University of Pecs, in Hungary, pursuing my Master Degree.

My Dream of Studying Abroad

I never knew that dreams do come true but indeed they do. After finishing high school, I wanted so much to travel abroad but at the same time, my mother wanted me to focus more on my studies. It was then when one important question popped into my mind: why not to choose to study abroad? This way, I could kill two birds with one stone.


I started preparing myself for studying abroad when I was during my undergraduate studies. And the day has arrived. Last year, in September 2017.

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I can’t forget few dates in my life: when India government issued my passport, when the University of Pecs selected me, the moment I got my visa and the day I flew from my home country to pursue my mother’s dream and mine.

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The University of Pecs, Hungary

Since that time, I celebrate every month the date that I flew like a bird to another land which now I call home: Pecs, Hungary. Of course, the language was always an obstacle that I think each of us faces when we going to a non-English speaking country, but exchanging smiles with everyone I met helped me during my first days and in few weeks, I managed to grasp some Hungarian words.

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The city of Pecs gives me so many vibes that remind me of home, I can absolutely connect myself with those mountains which seems so peaceful. I spend my time sitting on cafes improving my language skills. At the uni, the professors are quite helpful in everything so you can share your personal and professional stories with them.

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Just like parents, they are the only ones who can guide you through life. The way I interact with International students, the food that we eat and share, the support we show each other – that’s what I call family away from family.

All Thanks to my Mum

I will remember forever the date when I flew from India to pursue my studies. I never forget to take myself out for a coffee date or sometimes I even prefer to travel to neighbouring countries to celebrate. Nothing would have been possible without the blessings of my mother, Mrs Sunita Bhardwaj, the grace of God and the immense love of my friends.


Cheers to student life!