A Complete Guide To Finding and Applying for Scholarships

Governments of all countries today are looking forward to accepting international intakes. This has motivated them to extend various scholarships and grants to meritorious students who are unable to sustain themselves financially. Not only that, scholarships for meritorious domestic students are being promoted to diversify the pool of students at top universities who will contribute to the future of their countries. Although there is no shortcut to a guaranteed scholarship, we will help with methods to select the most appropriate ones which have high acceptability rates. 

Finding the best Scholarships

There are many scholarships extended by the governments as well as colleges for you to apply to. However, hit and trial methods are very time-consuming and may cost you missing deadlines to accept grants. Let’s look at some ways to find the right scholarship.

Define your Profile 

This is the first and most crucial set if you’re seriously willing to get a grant. Every student detail related to scholarships must be jotted down. This includes the academic profile including your degree and year of study, job prospective, the country you hail from, the country you would like to study in, universities you wish to apply to, etc. Once you’re clear regarding the basics of the course you’re willing to pursue, you can begin the search.

Search Scholarships that match your profile

As stated earlier, hit and trial methods of applying to all scholarships will lead you nowhere. For a student living in Bristol student accommodation, looking to study in a Canadian university should not apply to scholarships that are not relevant to the place of study. Spend time on your profile building and scholarship search and apply to universities that have the highest relevance according to your field of study.

List your Scholarships in order of relevance

When you’re done searching and shortlisting the scholarships, ranking them in order of their relevance is important. Here, relevance has a different meaning. For some, relevance is limited to the field of study that they’re opting for. For example, a student residing in student housing in London may not be concerned about colleges in London but requires a scholarship in Psychology in a top university. For others, place of study or fee structure may be of relevance. A very important thing to remember is that the stricter the eligibility criteria, the more are the chances of getting accepted to the grant.

Apply to the scholarships 

Applying to scholarships requires time on your hands, so don’t rush it up. The foremost thing to do is to have all the required documents that will be used again and again in a drive so that you don’t have to fuss about finding them. Check for all additional information on the official website so from wherever you’re applying to make certain that you don’t miss out on anything important. 

A Guide to Apply to the Scholarships

After selecting the right kind of scholarship for your profile, you can begin applying to the grants.

  • The scholarship committee should be impressed by your essay, so write an impactful one. The key is to cover all the essential points and elucidate the topic of your essay. You can seek expert help for the same. If you’re living in student flats in Nottingham or student housing in Glasgow, you may even ask your seniors or roommates to assist with the same.
  • Letters of Recommendations are highly appreciated by credible authorities like ex-principals, professors or teachers, and even colleagues. It adds weight to the application by providing authenticity and a positive review of your application.
  • Keep your transcripts from high school and undergraduate institutions handy. Also, prepare a folder for your scores of competitive exams like SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, etc., to make the process less cumbersome.

Other means of Finding Scholarships 

Apart from universities and government scholarships, you can also explore other methods of finding a scholarship that suits your profile the best. 

Scholarship Websites 

Trusted scholarship websites help you attain an overview of grants according to the profile you make. It is less cumbersome as you have to feed in the details, and the grants matching your profile will automatically be displayed. The only concern of this method is the authenticity and security of information displayed on the internet. 


It may seem like a rather outdated option but newspaper bulletins are a great source of finding scholarships as many universities advertise their grants. Scholarships are even mentioned on pamphlets distributed outside career institutions and colleges. You should keep a close eye on such material.

Finding the scholarships can be easy if you use other tactics like applying for local organizational grants, starting early on the process as well as keeping up to date with fresh scholarships every semester. 

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