Time to Go Hiking!

Felipe Guapo
Felipe Guapo
My name is Felipe Guapo, I am a 23-year-old Brazilian science graduate and I have just begun my time abroad living in Ireland.

Ireland is without a doubt one of the greenest countries I have ever been to. That is definitely one of the only perks of having so much rain throughout the year.

I remember my first day in this country: the blue of the sky and the green of the plants somehow looked different to my eyes.

To those who enjoy nature and stunning landscapes with easy access, this is definitely the country to visit.

Maynooth University - Felipe Guapo - Wicklow Mountains-2
Wicklow Mountains

This month I decided to share a few my adventures “touristing” thorough the Emerald Island.

Wicklow Mountains

Last week I decided to go hiking in the Wicklow Mountains.

Since I had spent the whole day doing a course in Dublin I didn’t have to think twice when my friends invited me.

It was a lovely summer day anyway.

It takes about an hour to drive to the mountains and nobody actually knew what to expect, since we had no internet connection and our maps were only giving us a certain notion of where we were.

Maynooth University - Felipe Guapo - Multinational Hikers
Multi-national Hikers

They offer a great view of the wild Irish flora and it is even possible to spot several deer as you go along. It was a great surprise to find amazing lakes hidden in the mountains.

Loch Dan
Loch Dan
Maynooth University - Felipe Guapo - Wicklow Mountains
Stone Hopping in the Wicklow Mountains

I think we walked for about three hours and the result of the hiking can be seen in the pictures. By the end of the evening, we all concluded that getting lost in Ireland is definitely worth it.

Maynooth University - Felipe Guapo - Wicklow Mountains-3
Sunset over the Wicklow Mountains