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End of Semester

Yufei Huo
Yufei Huo
I come from china and I live on campus at Maynooth, study accounting for my master degree. I enjoy reading, swimming, socializing with friends and touring etc. I am an honest easy-going guy and I like to make friends - the more the better!

After the final exams, this semester finally comes to an end. The campus also becomes quieter. Many friends are leaving Maynooth for their home countries. Some of them, I may rarely have the chance to see them again; though it sounds quite sad, it is a fact. So I’m trying to cherish and enjoy these last few days on campus. Perhaps it’s also the last chance to party with friends as happily as we did before, just with a very heavy heart.

Thank you, Maynooth University

Here I really want to thank Maynooth University for giving me such a chance to experience different lives. I have made lots of friends and established good friendships, which can last forever and this happy period will also become one of the best memories in my whole life.

When looking back over the past academic year, I actually have gained a lot from Maynooth University, not just about knowledge, but also about friends, unforgettable experience, insights into a different culture. I believe that all my future lives will benefit from this period.

Down memory lane…

I remember clearly the first day when I came here, I was full of excitement and curiosity, many things were so different from my home country, I was so eager to explore this new culture and looking forward to starting a new life here. But for now, I actually got it all, and it actually turned out to a very enriching experience in my life. I’d really like to share some of my stories here in Maynooth.

This was the first time for me to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends. We got up early in the morning to take the train to Dublin. By the time we arrived in Dublin, every street was full of the hilarious atmosphere. People wore green hats, or dyed their hair green, and even painted Irish flag on their face, so did I, with small Irish flag on my cheek, it was quite funny, everyone wore smiles on their faces.

Yufei-1-St Partick

St. Patrick’s Day & Friends

We arrived early before the Parade had started so that we would have a good position to watch the parade, but for the other guys, they even arrived much more earlier. Everywhere was overcrowded with people. When the parade started, our views still got blocked by the many people in front of us. But the parade was so fantastic, performance was so great, it lasted about 25 minutes appropriately, many fictional characters were so lifelike and vivid on the parade, it was so fabulous, I was actually impressed by it.

Yufei-2-St Partick

I have been to many places with my friends in Ireland, one of them I’d like to share is the trip to Galway and Connemara National Park, those are all one of my best memories in my life. Also I think being together with friends not only deepens our relationship but also makes me keep a positive attitude towards life, never give up, never give in.


Connemara National Park: hiking with friends

I really enjoyed it. Like in Connemara National Park, it’s more like hiking with friends, we climbed to the top of the mountain to appreciate the great beauty of nature, it’s quite gorgeous, all my mind got clear and fresh when I saw the scenery, it’s relaxing, I really admired the nature. And when we climbed down at the foot of the mountain, it’s another different beauty, like green vegetation, lovely animals, and a small river, it’s very nice for people to be in harmony with nature.


And when we climbed down at the foot of mountain, it’s another different beauty, like green vegetation, lovely animals, and small river, it’s very nice for people to be in harmony with nature.


The old Galway

As for the Galway, it’s a very old city with many traditional buildings and talented buskers in traditional costumes doing performances on the streets, every performance was unique and attracted loads of visitors to watch. Located at the entrance of Atlantic Ocean, Galway also enjoys great natural beauty too, it’s very exciting to appreciate the Atlantic Ocean on the bank of River Corrib, this was definitely one of the best landscapes I have ever seen!


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