How NOT to Throw a Snowball!

Baneen Fatima
Baneen Fatima
Baneen FatimaBaneen has travelled from Dubai, UAE to study a Design Foundation Programme at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

I remember being a kid back in Dubai, watching ‘Home Alone’, and wondering how everything becomes extremely calm and beautiful around Christmas.

I used to envy the people in the movie because I wanted to enjoy the snow too.


It is funny how quickly my wish was granted: now I am in Canada, a place where SNOW sometimes becomes the cause for everything closing down. It’s pretty unbelievable.



This winter, I had my first snowball fight ever.

My family came to visit me a few days ago, and my 10-year-old brother, just like me, was excited about the snow.

So, when it started snowing again, we decided to layer up (since it was literally freezing outside) and head out and enjoy the weather.

As we walked around the block, my mum and I were having a deep conversation about the political and economic instability of Pakistan when, suddenly, my youngest brother decided to throw a ball of snow at my head.


Now normally, if anyone interrupted a conversation this deep, I would have given them my ‘how-dare-you?- Apologise-and-walk-away’ stare.

However, when the snow hit my head and erupted all over my face and shoulders, I could hear my brothers, my mum and even myself, laughing.

My irritation and anger melted away, and I picked up a handful of snow and tried to throw it back.



Turns out, you can’t just throw snow as soon as you pick it up. It’s like throwing powder.

My brothers started laughing even louder at my silliness! So I decided to take revenge and ran towards them with a lot of snow in my hands.

I learnt that you need to compress the snow tightly in your hands, make it a ball and then you aim for your target. I got pretty good at it after 10 or so failed attempts.


In the end, I managed to cover my brothers completely in snow, from their hats to their snow boots.

I got scolded too because my mum predicted that we would all be sick the next day, but that possibility was a small price to pay for getting to live out a childhood dream.

So just like the characters in Home Alone, I have my white winter. I don’t think I will ever get tired of this beautiful season!

Until next time, my amigos!

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