One Night in Singapore

Lucy Tillett
Lucy Tillett
Lucy Tillett is a History student at Leicester University spending a year abroad at Flinders University in Australia.

I have just arrived at my hostel in Singapore after a 12-hour flight en route to Flinders.

The flight

To be honest, I smell and all I want to do is sleep. I feel a bit out of it due to the jet lag. My flight was a pleasant one; I sat next to a lovely old lady (who couldn’t work out how to use her TV, bless) who made intermittent conversation with me. The main downside of the flight was the crappy TV they had, but to be fair I did enjoy ‘One Day’.

The arrival

The first thing that hit me getting off the plane was the heat. It’s not sunny and it’s not really even THAT hot but when you are wearing four layers and Converse and are struggling with several bags it gets rather sweaty!

The taxi ride

The man who drove me to the hostel was interesting. He spent the whole 30mins lecturing me on why Singapore is so clever and how amazing their government is! However, it was nice having someone to talk to and to tell me a bit more about the history; stuff I was not very aware of before.

The hostel

On arrival at the hostel, I went into the reception. To be honest, I thought I was in the wrong place! Comparing this to hostels stayed in other parts of south-east Asia this is a palace! Complimentary breakfast and wifi in every room (which is perfect as I have my laptop with me). The dorm I am staying in is a 5 bed one but at the moment it seems as though I am the only person. I have a little bed in the corner but my bed is very private because of how the fixtures are arranged.

What to do now

I’m not really sure what to do now (other than to shower). Alone in Singapore and unlikely to really meet anyone. I am so tired but do not want to sleep now through fear of not being awake later and I want to make the most of my time.

I think my plan of action will be to go to the lounge room, see who is about and ask them what tips they have, then book some sort of tour tomorrow – maybe a night safari so I can sleep…

Anyway, I am pretty certain the majority of this post has been incoherent due to my jet lag so I will now stop waffling. I’ll keep you all posted but now I must wash for the sake of everyone.

Lucy xx

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