My Experience in Oz

Santiago Salinas
Santiago Salinas
Santiago is an Ecuadorean international student studying in Australia. He's a bit of a romantic, happiest with a good wine, a cheeseboard and beautiful natural environment.

It is great to be back talking about my experience in Oz, specifically about how much I love the city of Adelaide.

It might not sound good to some of you, but I got to cook myself Kangaroo steak!

People gave me seasoning tips and advised me not to overcook it, so it was quite good. I bought it at Adelaide Central market, which offers such a great variety of products, within them a wide variety of Kangaroo meat cuts, sausages and even burgers!

Another news is that I found a vintage bicycle for sale in Adelaide.

It is almost impossible to find a Mark Chopper back home, I bought it for an excellent price and I’m so happy I did it, and hopefully, I will have enough money to ship it to Ecuador… great item so far.


The first semester at Flinders University has been good; I got to learn so many interesting topics related to tourism, the one that I’m probably fully engaged with is Film Tourism.

My course coordinator has a PhD in tourism and with no doubt, he led me into the Film Tourism field. How great is it to fully engage with a motion picture and desire to travel to the place that it’s been portrayed? Really great!!! Therefore my final dissertation will be related to film-induced tourism and Ecuadorian movies.

There is something special in being at the right place, at the right time and with the right attitude. I casually talked to a Yoga-classmate at the gym, and this person changed my life. N, it’s is not the beginning of a love story. Instead, I got a casual job thanks to my new friend.

Furthermore, talking to other people with a positive attitude gave me the chance to participate in the Moon Lantern Festival as a volunteer next September.

Having said that, sometimes I still don’t feel totally integrated. Someone once told me “they don’t understand you”, so life is a constant dilemma and what it is interesting about this is the fact that you actually understand yourself and next morning everything flips as a magical event. Just in two words, my advice is to keep on with the “good vibes”.

One of the issues about being far away from my beloved Ecuador is that I miss the food. I spent tough days without nana’s food, but of course, there is always a solution!


I found the way to cook Ecuadorian cuisine with local ingredients.

For example, if I want to make Ecuadorian chicken style stew, I can use Coopers Pale Ale instead of an Ecuadorian beer. The taste is very similar. This is also a way to relax after a day of class and hard study. Being at the right place with the right people, I also came across this store wherein I found Ecuadorian Canned Palmitos, made in Ecuador for real!

To conclude, at the moment I’m managing to work and study hard at the same time. It is amazing how we can do that, even if struggling sometimes, but so far so good!!!

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