Mamak Night

Shuwanugha Subramaniam
Shuwanugha Subramaniam
Meet Schuwanugha, a Malaysian student of Medical Science at Flinders University.

Every first blog post starts with an introduction about the writer. So here goes mine: I am Shuwanugha, a fellow Malaysian who chose to further my studies in the Bachelor of Medical Science at Flinders University, South Australia.

Some say love makes the world go round and some say money makes the world go round, but I believe food makes the world go round!

Yes, we all know how food is important to us and is needed as a source of energy to carry out our daily activities, but how many of you out there enjoy eating alone?

I am one who loves company when enjoying a delightful meal. It’s a wonder how food can bring people together around tables and leave them with a pleasant smile and content stomach.

This was exactly what I witnessed on Mamak Night, an event held by the Malaysian Students’ Association of Flinders University, South Australia.

Off the top of my head, the term Mamak refers to a fusion of Malay and Indian food derived from Malaysia. Put together, Mamak Night is simply a feast of the senses to celebrate the amazing Malaysian delicacies with great company.

If you are a Malaysian or Singaporean reading this, you would definitely know roti cannai, nasi lemak, nasi goreng kampong, pulut panggang, satay etc. etc. Mmm.. have I got your senses going crazy yet? These are the food that we, Malaysians, eminently love and constantly desire!

With close to 130 participants and a band to jazz up the night, it was indeed a pleasure to see many people from different countries and cultures get together for a night of heavenly food! So now you see why I say food makes the world go round?

Oh look, we were also featured on The Advertiser dated 5th June 2012! Pretty cool eh!

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