Goodbye Leicester…

Sarah Wills
Sarah Wills
Sarah Wills is a second year History student at University of Leicester and next semester is en route to a study-abroad year in Adelaide at Flinders University.

So, about a week ago I finally finished my second year at the University of Leicester. It seems to have taken forever what with all the huge essays and exams I’ve had to do recently!

But at least it is now officially summer. Even if the only week of sun we’ve had so far was during the exam period, and now that everyone is finishing it’s decided to rain again. A typical British summertime really, hoping Australia is not like this!

Since finishing for summer, I’ve been pretty busy organising stuff for my upcoming move to Australia. It’s LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS LEFT – and is actually starting to feel within reaching distance. Scary.

Things I have achieved recently:

  • Getting my visa all sorted.
  • Accommodation application (very different from applying to British accommodation!)
  • Buying my flights and planning a three-day stopover in Singapore along the way – so excited for this!
  • Started to sort my finances out
  • Moved home for Leicester back to Southampton
  • Planned leaving parties for friends and family

So I’ve not done too bad really! From now on though, I do plan to keep you all updated on my life a little bit more as since uni has finished I do have a lot more spare time.

So here is a little blog about Leicester and moving away from my university home town for you all to (hopefully!) enjoy.

Well, saying goodbye to Leicester was pretty weird considering I’ve lived there for the last two years, minus the odd few weeks at home in Southampton for holidays. Although I am heading back this weekend for the official end of exams to celebrate mine and everyone else’s leaving for our various study abroad countries as lots of my friends are also studying abroad next year.

So yeah, I packed all my room up and travelled halfway down the country back to my family, where I am currently sat writing this amongst the contents of my suitcase which I have yet to unpack and tidy away. Home Sweet Home. My poor little room looks so lonely now!

So what’s next? As I’ve already said, this weekend is party time. Four nights out in a row is not going to be pretty but it’ll be worth it to say goodbye to all my lovely Leicester friends! Two of my best friends from home are also coming up for the weekend which I’m very much looking forward to. And then it’s goodbye to Leicester (for real this time) until October 2013!

It’s weird knowing that the next time I study history will be in Australia… It also sucks that I don’t get a summer this year as I start studying at Flinders at the end of July, but I can’t wait to rub in my three months off over Christmas into everyone’s faces back in England – Helloooo Christmas on the beach.

In the meantime, I shall be chilling with my family and fighting my way through the massive mess that is my room. I’ve also recently acquired a lovely new camera for my travels so I shall be testing that out too!

Also, keep an eye out for some video blogs with me in them sometime soon. Currently debating making a fool out of myself to inform all you lovely people about studying abroad but we shall have to see! Look out for my incessant ramblings soon 🙂

Sarah x

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