Family Visit

Erin Cabanawan
Erin Cabanawan is a postgraduate student from the Philippines studying Gender and Development at Flinders University.

Our small family of four has been separated for a long time now.

Since my sister has started working in Singapore and I have started studying in Adelaide, we haven’t had any holiday together like we used to. We had the chance to reunite last December when my parents and my sister visited me here.

We never thought we would be able to have a vacation in Australia, and at Christmas no less, so we felt very grateful for the opportunity.

I have been preparing their visit for months—I even had a to-do list, dishes to prepare, places to see. It was such a fun and busy month for all of us that I forgot most of the things I planned to do and only remembered them when my family already left.

It’s true what they say that time flies when you’re having fun. That’s why it’s important to cherish the time we have with our loved ones because we often take that for granted. That said, I look forward to another holiday with my family soon.

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