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    Why choose Griffith

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    At Griffith, we celebrate, believe in and strive for the remarkable. We rank among the world’s best universities and continue to improve our international standing. In the largest and most credible world university rankings, we are ranked in the top 350 - placing us in the top 3% worldwide.

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    Future focussed

    Global impact

    Global citizens

    Teaching excellence

    Young and ambitious




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    Criminology and law inline Polygon

    Education inline Polygon

    Engineering, IT & aviation inline Polygon

    Architecture, construction and planning inline Polygon

    Humanities, languages and social science inline Polygon

    Medicine, dentistry & health inline Polygon

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    What’s it like to study at
    Griffith University, Australia?

    Study areas

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    Find out about food, transport, places of worship, shopping, arts and entertainment, sport, and more here...

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    Life as a Griffith University
    Student by Stefhani

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    Your student experience

    Cost of living


    Life as a Griffith University
    Student by Paolo

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    Griffith at a glance

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    Arriving at Griffith University
    by Mpho

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    Student Guide

  • Welcome

    Welcome to this International Student Guide. Making the decision to study overseas, and choosing the right university, is a big decision. Since its beginnings in the 1970s, Griffith has had a strong focus on internationalisation and is privileged to host students from over 130 different countries. Both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, home to five diverse Griffith University campuses, offer students a great introduction to the renowned Australian lifestyle. In addition, the Gold Coast has hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2018, and our Gold Coast campus is right in the heart of all the action, with the Games Village across the road. With a move to trimesters in 2017, a renewed focus on graduate employability throughout our academic programs, and a number of extra curricula opportunities available, there has never been a better time to study at Griffith. Choosing to study in another country is a big decision, and I hope that this Guide provides you with the information you need, as well as a taste of all the support available to you once you get here.

    Having been an international student myself, I am well aware of the life changing impact that studying overseas can have. Good luck with making your choice, and I hope that we have the chance to welcome you to Griffith University.

    Professor Sarah Todd
    Vice President (Global)

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    Ranked in the top 3% worldwide

    Griffith ranks alongside some
    of the best universities in the world.

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    Research that makes a difference

    Learn from our globally renowned researchers.

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    Global impact

    Through our teaching and research we support students to make a difference to the world.

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    Teaching excellence

    Study at a university that has some of the top university teachers in Australia.*

    *2014 and 2015 Australian Government Office
    for Learning and Teaching Australian
    University Teacher of the Year Award

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    Future focussed

    We are committed to creating an equitable and environmentally sustainable society.

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    Prepared for employment

    We include real-life industry experiences in our degrees and have a great range of employability initiatives to help you be job-ready.

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    Creating global citizens

    Our degrees have an international focus, preparing you for work around the world.

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    Young and ambitious

    We rank highly as a young university – 32nd in the QS Top 50 Under 50.**

    **2018 World University Rankings

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    International students







    Griffith in

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    construction and planning

    We are focused on global issues, including social responsibility, community engagement and sustainability, to ensure graduates become valuable to their industries world-wide.

    Popular programs inline Polygon

    Interest areas inline Polygon

    Prepare for a place
    in the real world

    With a strong focus on applied studio teaching,
    you will gain the skills employers want

    Unique opportunities

    Including practice-led design studios and international field study electives.

    Industry connections

    The Bachelor of Architectural Design has been developed in conjunction with our industry advisory board.

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    Architecture inline Polygon

    Urban and environmental planning inline Polygon

    Interest area

  • >
    Popular programs,Master of Architecture
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    Business and government

    When you study business and government at Griffith you can build your own unique qualification with our wide variety of degrees, majors and electives.

    $38 million Business School facilities

    Setting the standard for business education, research, and industry collaboration in Australia.

    Griffith’s MBA earned
    a 5-Star rating

    Graduate Management Association of Australia’s (GMAA) 2017 MBA Star Rating.

    Ranked #1 in Australia

    and #11 in the world for Hospitality and Leisure Management in the 2018 QS Subject Rankings.

    Popular programs inline Polygon

    Interest areas inline Polygon

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    Accounting and
    business law inline Polygon

    Business inline Polygon

    Commerce inline Polygon

    Event management inline TextFrame

    Finance inline TextFrame

    Financial planning inline TextFrame

    Government and
    international relations inline TextFrame

    Human resources and employment relations inline TextFrame

    Information systems inline TextFrame

    International business inline TextFrame

    Logistics and supply chain management inline TextFrame

    Interest area

    MBA inline Polygon

    Management inline Polygon

    Marketing inline Polygon

    Public administration inline Polygon

    Public policy analysis inline Polygon

    Sport management inline Polygon

    Tourism and hospitality inline Polygon

  • >

    Bachelor of Business inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Commerce inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management inline TextFrame

    Master of Professional Accounting inline TextFrame

    Master of Business inline TextFrame

    Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management inline TextFrame

    Master of Finance inline TextFrame

    Master of Global Development inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

  • >>

    Criminology and law

    As a criminology or law student at Griffith, you
    will benefit from our industry-informed learning
    and gain valuable experience working on real
    cases, with real clients, during your studies.

    Griffith University Innocence Project

    Pro-bono project run by Griffith University, committed to freeing innocent persons who have been wrongly convicted.

    Law ranked in the
    top 50 globally

    according to the 2017 ARWU Ranking of Academic Subject.

    Oldest criminology
    school in Australia

    One of the largest communities of criminology and criminal justice scholars in
    the world.

    Popular programs inline Polygon

    Interest areas inline Polygon


    Criminology and criminal justice inline Polygon

    Law inline Polygon

    Interest area


    Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice inline TextFrame

    Master of International Law inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

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    If you study education at Griffith,
    you can be sure you are choosing a rewarding and exciting future – we are producing the next generation of teachers and education solutions.

    Autism Centre of

    Focused on improving the quality of life for children and adults with autism.

    Inspire the next generation

    Study teaching at one of the world’s leading education schools.

    Ranked in the top 100 in the world

    for Education in the QS World University Subject Rankings 2018.

    Popular programs inline Polygon

    Interest areas inline Polygon

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    Education (primary or secondary) inline Polygon

    Interest area

  • >

    Bachelor of Education inline TextFrame

    Master of Education inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

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    Engineering, IT & aviation

    Study engineering, IT or aviation at Griffith and learn using cutting-edge resources while gaining valuable hands-on experience through real projects.

    Focus on innovation

    We prepare our graduates to create smarter solutions for the future.

    industry links

    Be job-ready with opportunities for industry placements and the chance to work on industry projects.

    Leaders in aviation

    We have 20 years of experience producing
    qualified graduates for the international aviation industry which is growing rapidly as the number of travellers continues to expand.

    Popular programs inline TextFrame

    Interest areas inline Polygon

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    Aviation inline Polygon

    Business information systems and IT management inline Polygon

    Civil structural and geotechnical engineering inline Polygon

    Computer science inline TextFrame

    Electrical and electronic engineering inline Polygon

    Environmental engineering inline Polygon

    Industrial design inline Polygon

    Information technology inline Polygon

    Mechanical engineering inline Polygon

    Multimedia design and interactive entertainment inline Polygon

    Software engineering inline Polygon

    Interest area

  • >

    Bachelor of Aviation Management inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Computer Science inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Information Technology inline TextFrame

    Master of Aviation Management inline TextFrame

    Master of Civil Engineering inline TextFrame

    Master of Electronic and Computer Engineering inline TextFrame

    Master of Engineering Project Management inline TextFrame

    Master of Environmental Engineering inline TextFrame

    Master of Professional Engineering inline TextFrame

    Master of Information Technology inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

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    Popular programs inline Polygon

    Interest areas inline Polygon

    Humanities, languages
    and social science

    Succeed in an ever-changing global environment – study humanities, languages and social science at Griffith and develop a deeper understanding of societies, cultures and people.

    Access to internships and practical experiences

    Enhance your skills and potential, and develop the confidence to lead.

    Ranked in the top
    100 worldwide

    for Political Sciences in the 2017 ARWU Ranking of Academic Subject.

    Our degrees are informed by industry and government

    Be confident you will graduate with the skills employers want.

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    Arts inline Polygon

    English and creative writing inline Polygon

    History inline Polygon

    Islam-West relations inline Polygon

    Journalism, communication and public relations inline Polygon

    Languages inline Polygon

    Linguistics inline Polygon

    Screen studies inline Polygon

    Social sciences inline Polygon

    Interest area

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    Bachelor of Arts inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

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    Medicine, dentistry and health

    Study among leaders – Griffith’s breakthrough medical research continues to provide a greater understanding of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Griffith Health Clinics

    Under supervision, students practise clinical
    skills with real patients.

    $150 million Griffith
    Health Centre

    Part of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct.

    Ranked in the top 50
    in the world

    for Nursing in the QS World University
    Subject Rankings 2018.

    Popular programs

    Interest areas


    Biomedical science and medical science inline Polygon

    Dentistry and oral health inline Polygon

    Exercise and sport science inline Polygon

    Health services management inline Polygon

    Human services inline Polygon

    Medical diagnostics inline Polygon

    Medicine inline Polygon

    Nursing inline Polygon

    Nutrition and dietetics inline Polygon

    Occupational therapy inline Polygon

    Pharmacy inline Polygon

    Physiotherapy inline Polygon

    Psychology inline Polygon

    Public health and health promotion inline Polygon

    Social work inline Polygon

    Interest area


    Bachelor of Biomedical Science inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Dental Health Science inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Exercise Science inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Social Work inline TextFrame

    Master of Health Services Management inline TextFrame

    Master of Dentistry inline TextFrame

    Doctor of Medicine inline TextFrame

    Master of Pharmacy inline TextFrame

    Master of Public Health inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

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    Popular programs inline Polygon

    Interest areas inline Polygon

    Music and
    performing arts

    At the Queensland Conservatorium, one of Australia’s leading music schools, you will learn in modern spaces from award-winning teachers.

    Educators from
    around the world

    Learn from music educators and international specialists who trained in Moscow, Brussels and Paris.

    Ranked #42 in
    the world

    for Performing Arts in the QS World University Subject Rankings 2018.

    Innovative research

    Through a focus on cultural diversity and sustainability in the Asia–Pacific region, Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre has become
    a flagship centre for pioneering scholarship and creative practice.

  • >

    Classical music instrumental inline Polygon

    Composition inline Polygon

    Jazz inline Polygon

    Music technology inline Polygon

    Musical theatre inline Polygon

    Opera and voice inline Polygon

    Popular music inline Polygon

    Interest area

  • >

    Popular programs

    Bachelor of Music inline TextFrame

    Master of Music Studies inline TextFrame

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    Science and environment

    We offer a range of science degrees— from chemical to forensic, physical to biomedical—and have a long history in environmental science.

    Strong future career prospects

    You will gain hands-on experience with
    local and international
    industry partners.

    Opportunities to join professional bodies

    Graduates from select degrees will be eligible
    for membership with relevant professional bodies.

    First School of Environment in Australia

    Learn from environmental leaders with a focus on
    practical learning.

    Popular programs

    Interest areas


    Biological sciences inline Polygon

    Chemical sciences inline Polygon

    Ecology and biodiversity inline Polygon

    Environmental science inline Polygon

    Forensic science inline Polygon

    Physical and mathematical sciences inline Polygon

    Marine biology inline Polygon

    Marine science inline TextFrame

    Urban and environmental planning inline Polygon

    Society and environment inline Polygon

    Soil, water and energy inline Polygon

    Interest area

  • >

    Bachelor of Science inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

  • >Group

    Popular programs

    Interest areas

    Visual and creative arts

    At the Queensland College of Art and Griffith Film School, you will be inspired by amazing teachers, classmates and collaborative spaces.

    Australia’s largest
    film school

    Griffith Film School students learn from acclaimed industry figures, and have access to an exciting calendar of guest lectures and master classes.

    Learn from
    practising artists

    Our lecturers regularly hold exhibitions
    and are representatives on industry boards.

    Griffith Centre for
    Creative Arts Research.

    A major multi-campus Research Centre established to build Griffith’s reputation
    as a national leader in research across all creative disciplines.

  • >

    3D and product design inline TextFrame

    Animation inline TextFrame

    Creative and interactive media inline TextFrame

    Film and screen media inline TextFrame

    Fine art inline TextFrame

    Games design inline TextFrame

    Graphic and communication design inline TextFrame

    Interior design and environments inline TextFrame

    Photography inline TextFrame

    Interest area

  • >

    Bachelor of Design inline TextFrame

    Bachelor of Creative and Interactive Media inline TextFrame

    Master of Design inline TextFrame

    Popular programs

  • >

    Our location

    Our 5 campuses are located across the cities of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan in South East Queensland.

    Local attractions inline Polygon

  • Brisbane

    Gold Coast

  • > Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle

    Brisbane is a vibrant, expanding city, offering world-class education, a beautiful climate and superb lifestyle. It is an
    ideal place to study and develop your career.


    Fast facts inline Polygon

    Video gallery inline Polygon

  • Group

    Fast facts

    2.27 million people

    283 days of
    sunshine a year

    Average temperature:
    15 °C – 26 °C

    One of the world’s most liveable cities

    Culturally diverse population: 28% of Brisbane’s residents were born overseas

    State capital of Queensland

  • >

    Video gallery

    International Students in Brisbane: Sanjay from Nepal

    Hartinder’s life in beautiful Queensland

    Study Brisbane Compilation

  • > Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle

    Beautiful beaches, an excellent quality of life and friendly people make the Gold Coast a popular study destination.

    Gold coast

    Fast facts inline Polygon

    Video gallery inline Polygon

  • Group

    Fast facts

    Population: More than
    500,000 people

    300 days of
    sunshine a year

    Average temperature:
    15 °C – 26 °C

    Spans nearly 60 km of coastline with some of the best beaches on the planet

    Culturally diverse population: 28% of
    Gold Coast’s residents were born overseas

    100,000 hectares of World Heritage-listed rainforests

  • >

    Video gallery

    China to the Gold Coast: An Education Experience

    Living on the Gold Coast and Studying at Griffith University

    Griffith University Gold Coast campus

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    Build your career

    inline Group

    Work-integrated learning

    You can gain practical experience while you study through internships and industry placements.

    inline Group

    Griffith Honours College

    Griffith is the only university in Australia with an honours college. The Griffith Honours College is an extracurricular program that provides experiences to increase your employability and graduate opportunities.

    inline Group


    Griffith’s range of mentoring programs will connect you locally and globally, allowing you to engage with students, alumni and industry professionals.

    inline Group

    Community Internship

    Through the Community Internship course you will be able to make a difference in a local community organisation while developing a range of professional and personal skills.

    Griffith University graduates are well equipped for the new world of work. We include real-life industry experiences in our degrees and have a great range of employability initiatives to help you be

    inline Group

    Leadership programs

    Join one of our leadership programs, including the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program, Griffith Honours College or Griffith Mates.

    inline Group

    Internships and industry placements

    Griffith offers internship and industry networking opportunities in nearly all study areas.

    inline TextFrame

    Careers and Employment Service inline Polygon

    Our Careers and Employment service supports you to plan your career, become job ready and find work while you study and after you graduate.

    inline Group

    Exchange and short-term programs inline Polygon

    Participating in an overseas program as a part of your Griffith University degree is one of the best experiences you can have at university.

    Find out more inline TextFrame

  • >Group

    In Australia you can work part-time while you study and Griffith has services to help you find a job.

    Key facts about working in Australia:

    • Student visa holders can work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight (2 week period) during the teaching period, once classes have started.

    • Student visa holders can work unlimited hours during scheduled University-wide teaching breaks.

    Unitemps helps students apply for part-time work inline Polygon

    Unitemps is an in-house recruitment service that facilitates connections between Griffith students and employers who are offering temporary paid work opportunities.

    Work while
    you study

  • >Group


    We provide excellent scholarship opportunities for our international students.

    Griffith University supports outstanding international students with a range of scholarships, including:

    • excellence scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students

    • scholarships for family members of current international students and alumni

    • discipline-specific scholarships for selected programs

    • higher degree by research scholarships.

    Scholarships are also awarded to the top graduate of the Griffith English Language Institute Direct Entry Program and the top Griffith College Diploma graduate for each session.

    Find out more inline TextFrame

  • >Group


    Research centres and institutes

    Explore multidisciplinary collaborations with researchers across our 30+ research centres and institutes, exploring extensive and varied discipline areas.

    Above world standard

    Analysis of Excellence in Research for Australia 2015 found 98% of our research outputs were in disciplines rated at world standard or above.

    Research support

    You will be supported with research training workshops and a comprehensive suite of library services ranging from research and data management tools to extensive borrowing privileges.

    Outstanding resources

    Our researchers are provided with state-of-the-art facilities, support services and research environments that best accommodate their needs.


    We offer a number of higher degree research scholarships each year to help you with the cost of tuition and/or living expenses for the duration of your research study.

    International links

    Griffith researchers are well connected and collaborative, with over 5,000 national partners and over 200 international research agreements.

    Griffith is a research-intensive university that fosters industry, community, government, national and international research collaborations. Undertake research at Griffith and be part of an elite group of researchers who are thinking globally and discovering new-world solutions.

    Find out more inline TextFrame

  • >


    Whether you would like to live
    on-campus or off-campus, there are a number of options you can explore to find housing to suit your needs. You can also choose homestay and live with a local Australian family while you study.

    Find out more inline TextFrame

  • >

    The cost of living in South East Queensland, where our five Griffith University campuses are located,
    is considered more affordable than other major Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

    The Australian Government requires students to
    have access to a minimum of A$20,290 (Australian dollars) per year to meet their living costs.

    Calculating your total cost of study

    Your total cost of studying in Australia will include:

    • tuition fees

    • visa application fees

    • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    • flights

    • cost of living

    • other personal and study-related expenses.

    Cost of living

    Find out more inline Polygon



    Sport and fitness inline Polygon

    Orientation inline Polygon

    Religion inline Polygon

    Clubs and societies inline Polygon

    International Student Buddy Program inline Polygon

    Griffith Mates inline Polygon

    Griffith Beach Care group

    (Gold Coast campus) inline Polygon

    Griffith volunteer community

    Griffith Bush Care group

    (Brisbane campuses) inline Polygon

    Help restore and care for our beautiful coastal environments with the Griffith Beach Care group. This is a great way to give back to the environment, meet new people and see the beaches of the Gold Coast.

    Orientation is when you get to know Griffith and have fun meeting people before you start classes.

    Griffith offers a variety of sporting facilities and competitions.

    Each Griffith campus provides access to prayer facilities as well as multi-faith chaplains.

    Griffith has over 120 clubs in cultural, religious, political, educational, sporting, professional and special interest areas.

    Help restore the Australian bush environment and, if you are lucky, see koalas, possums, and sugar gliders. Join us to develop your teamwork skills, learn more about the environment and meet new people.

    The International Student Buddy Program matches current students (Senior Buddies) with a small group of commencing international students (Junior Buddies) for a weekly chat over a free drink. This is a safe and comfortable environment where you can ask questions about Griffith, life in Australia, as well as practise your English. It’s also a great way to make friends!

    Enjoy the most memorable years of your life with the Griffith Mates.The Mates are a diverse peer-support network for international students, with members who speak over 30 languages.

    Griffith Mates will help you make the most of university, develop friendships and practise your English.

  • >


    With staff and students from more than 130 countries, we celebrate and support the diversity of our community. We offer a wide variety of student support services for international students. Our staff and services are committed to helping you succeed and ensuring your transition to university is easy and enjoyable.

    Services include:

    • International Student Welcome and
      Orientation session

    • International Student Advisors

    • Free airport pickup service

    • Academic enrichment and learning support

    • Disability services

    • Career support

    Find out more inline Polygon

  • >

    English language support

    You have access to a variety of English language support programs and services. From dedicated courses to free one-on-one tutoring sessions, we offer a range of solutions that can help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

    Find out more inline Polygon

  • >,,,,

    How to apply

    Step 4

    Prepare supporting documentation

    Step 2

    Check you meet
    entry requirements

    Step 5

    Apply online or via a registered recruitment representative

    Step 3

    Check if you are eligible for credit

    Step 6

    Accept your offer

    Applying to study at Griffith is easy.
    With applications open all year round,
    you can quickly complete your application in
    6 simple steps.

    Visit: griffith.edu.au/apply/international

    Step 1

    Choose the degree

  • >

    No matter what level of study you have completed or what English level you have, we have a range of pathways to help you achieve your study goals. Discover what requirements you must meet for standard entry into undergraduate (bachelor), postgraduate (master) and research degrees.

    Griffith English Language Institute

    If you do not meet the minimum English language requirements, you may complete the
    Direct Entry Program at Griffith English
    Language Institute.

    Griffith College

    If you do not meet the academic entry criteria for your degree, you may be able to study a foundation, diploma program or masters qualifying program at Griffith College, to gain direct entry into the equivalent Griffith University degree.


  • >


    Griffith has used reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained in this publication is correct at the time of development but this information may be subject to corrections or changes without notice. Griffith reserves the right to alter, change, or discontinue programs and courses without notice. Griffith assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by third parties. The publication of program details in this document does not create an obligation on the part of Griffith to teach a program in any given year, or teach it in the mode described in this publication. It is the responsibility of students to check and confirm all general and program specific information prior to application and enrolment. In particular, program offerings, duration, mode, commencement, campus location, fees, and entry requirements need to be checked and confirmed. All costs and fees contained in this publication are in Australian dollars (AU$). Applications and enrolments are subject to Griffith’s Privacy Policy, which is available online at griffith.edu.au/privacy-plan

    ESOS Compliance

    The provision of education services to international students by Australian educational institutions is governed by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Regulations 2001 under this Act. Griffith, in providing education services to overseas students, complies with the National Code of Practice 2007 through the Department of Education.

    Visit: internationaleducation.gov.au and education.gov.au